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The recent launch of the European Commission's Security Union Strategy, a new European Defence Action Plan and European Migration Package coupled to the 2016 Smart Borders Package highlight the growing importance of addressing the challenge of European security through proposing an integrated and innovative European-led response in the digital age.


This high-level conference will be strategy and solution focused, analysing the impact digital technologies, innovation and effective leadership can have on implementing the Commission's initiatives across Europe whilst guaranteeing ongoing trust in European public authorities, meeting citizens’ expectations and ensuring that Europe continues to act in solidarity on all migration, security, public safety and defence challenges.

Speakers include

Dimitris Avramopoulos

Dimitris Avramopoulos

European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs (confirmed)

Sir Julian King

Sir Julian King

European Commissioner for the Security Union (confirmed)

Andres Anvelt

Andres Anvelt

Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia (confirmed)

Fabrice Leggeri

Fabrice Leggeri

Executive Director

European Border and Coast Guard Agency

Rob Wainwright

Rob Wainwright



Who will attend?



Key themes to be addressed include:


  1. Effective border management using digital technologies
  2. Building European defence capabilities through innovation
  3. Addressing public safety challenges through European collaboration
  4. Preserving European solidarity and meeting citizens' expectations


Further information


Registration for this event is now open. For more information on speaking, sponsorship and other visibility opportunities in the meantime, please contact Rose Maloney at / +44 (0) 2920 783 070.


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Tuesday 20 June, 2017
08.45 to 16.30




BMW Brand Store

Boulevard de Waterloo 23-24, Brussels, Belgium

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