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Welcome to the registration page for EIT Food's Future of Food Conference 2021.


This year's event is planned to take place as a hybrid event on 30 November - 1 December. Day 1 will take place both in Brussels and virtually, with Day 2 being hosted exclusively online. Please note that this format may be subject to change depending on safety and social distancing rules adopted by competent authorities to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.


At this stage, registration will guarantee your virtual participation at this event. On the next page of this registration form, you will have the opportunity to express your interest in attending the event in-person, in which case we will be in touch in due to course to confirm if we are able to accommodate your request. In case of questions, please contact us at


This event is free to attend. 


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Tue 30 November, 2021 09.00 to
Wed 1 December, 2021 15.15




Online | Brussels


EIT Food