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Thank you to everyone who took part in this event - you will soon be emailed with details of how you can download copies of slides from all the presentations that were made and also an audio recording of the event.

If you didn't participate at the event but are interested in receiving the proceedings from this event, please email or call +44 (0) 2920 783021.

Speakers include

Vesa Terävä

Vesa Terävä

Acting Head of Unit B2 - Implementation of Regulatory Framework

DG Infso, European Commission

Chris Fonteijn

Chris Fonteijn



Martin Whitehead

Martin Whitehead


GSMA Europe

Adina Ioana Vălean

Adina Ioana Vălean


European Parliament

Roberto Viola

Roberto Viola

Secretary General



About this event


The 2007 EU Roaming Regulation introduced wholesale and retail price caps for roaming charges and included measures to increase transparency. In 2009, the European Commission amended the regulation to lower the prices of voice, text messages and data services further, amongst other things, introducing a new monthly limit of €50 for data roaming system designed to prevent so-called 'bill shocks'. Despite these actions, the retail prices have not declined nearly as rapidly as the regulated wholesale price, and have tended to cluster around the maximum price caps, leading to the Commission suggesting that the market is not yet strong enough to provide the best choice and even better prices to consumers. 


With this in mind, and in line with its target of cutting the difference between roaming and national tariffs to zero by 2015, the Commission is now considering further regulatory measures in order to attempt to create a competitive Single Market for roaming services.  Telecommunications companies, however, are warning that excessive regulation could make large-scale investments less likely and impact negatively on future competition and innovation. What therefore is the best way forward, and where does the regulatory balance lie?


Regulating Mobile Roaming Charges – A One Day Policy Forum will take place against the backdrop of the recent Commission consultation on the roaming regulation, and will gather key policy makers, representatives of the telecoms industry, and other stakeholders for a full and frank discussion on the best way forward in creating a functional internal market for mobile roaming services. Consideration will be given to the various options and models that are available for regulatory intervention, and new services and business models that may emerge.


This event will include panel sessions focusing on the following issues:

- Is regulatory intervention necessary to help create a well functioning internal market for roaming services?

- What impact would regulatory intervention have longer term on competition and innovation?

- Communications without borders – New services and business models for the next generation of Europe-wide communication

For further information on this event, including details of the various sponsorship and speaking opportunities available, please contact Dan Craft on or +44 (0) 2920 783 021.




Tuesday 12 April, 2011
08.30 to 18.00




Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Rue du Fossé-aux-Loups 47/
Wolvengracht 47,
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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