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The Future of Internet Conference will gather European and international stakeholders who will assess what the future of our digital societies may look like, focus on the advanced technologies that will act as game changers and the convergence between these, while debating the immediate and longer term policy priorities for Europe’s future digital strategy.


Through a series of panel-based discussion, interviews, and Tech Talks focusing on emerging and advanced technologies, join us to explore the future of the full digital ecosystem as we are entering a New Age of Intelligent Data and Connectivity. 

Speakers include

Pearse O'Donohue

Pearse O'Donohue

Director, Future Networks, DG CONNECT

European Commission

Maria Rautavirta

Maria Rautavirta

Director, Data Business Unit at Data Department

Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland

Nikos Isaris

Nikos Isaris

Deputy Head of Unit, Future Network - Internet of Things

European Commission

Peter Stuckmann

Peter Stuckmann

Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, DG Connect

European Commission

Olivier Bringer

Olivier Bringer

Head of Unit, Next Generation Internet, DG CONNECT

European Commission

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Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, VR...In the past ten years, we have seen a number of cutting-edge digital advances emerging and being fully integrated in our every day lives. Data-enabled technologies have become true value-creators, constantly reshaping our socio-economic activities, transforming the way we interact and blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. As these technologies are becoming ubiquitous, collaboration across sectors and borders has proven essential in order to realise their potential and to protect against the risks and unintended consequences linked to digitisation.


For the last nine years, The European Internet of Things Summit has provided a key annual meeting to discuss issues relating to digital innovation in smart environments. We have now reached a turning point where it is impossible to talk about IoT without bringing in the many interlinking technologies that also underpin the emerging digital societies of tomorrow. The Future of Internet Conference will provide a broader platform that allowing us to continue the focus on IoT, while bringing equally exciting discussions on issues such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, AI, VR and much, much more. 


This event will feature:


 Discussions on:


- Rethinking the Future of the Internet -  Objectives, priorities, Opportunities


- From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Humans: Empowering Individuals and Unleashing the Power of their Data


- IoT and AI as drivers for new business models and revenue streams


- From traditional connectivity to smart connectivity: Fueling 5G and the digital future


- Securing a complex and dynamic digital ecosystem





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For information on speaking, sponsorship  or visibility opportunities, and to discuss how you can maximise the value of your involvement at the event, please contact Anne-Lise Simon on or on +44 (0) 2920 783 023.




Thursday 6 June, 2019
09.00 to 17.45




Sofitel Brussels Europe

Place Jourdan 1, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

Tel: 32 2 235 51 00

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