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PRIDA Launch Meeting & ITU Workshop

2019's edition of the Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference was co-located alongside the launch of the PRIDA initiative and an ITU regional workshop focusing on cross border frequency co-ordination.
PRIDA - Wednesday 29th May
The objective of the project is to facilitate efficient and harmonized spectrum utilization to contribute to the overall objective of the “Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA)” which is to foster universally accessible, affordable and effective wireless broadband across the continent to unlock future benefits of internet based services. You can view the agenda for this meeting here.
ITU Workshop on Cross-Border Frequency Co-ordination - Thursday 30th & Friday 31st May
The ITU Workshop on Cross-Border Frequency Co-ordination addressed the latest technical tools and general co-ordination mechanisms that are to be used by African countries to achieve smooth dialogue with neighboring countries on spectrum management and monitoring issues. Click here to see the workshop agenda.



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