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Thank you to everyone who participated at this year's conference.


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Speakers include

Dauren  Abayev

Dauren Abayev


Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Kazakhstan

Kirill  Oparin

Kirill Oparin

Head of Regional Office


Victor Strelets

Victor Strelets


Radio Regulations Board (RRB)

Albert Nalbandian

Albert Nalbandian


RCC WG on WRC-19

Alexandre Kholod

Alexandre Kholod

Vice Chair for WRC-19 Preparation


Iryna Pokhabova

Iryna Pokhabova

Associate Professor of the Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks

State University of Telecommunication, Ukraine

Konstantin Savin

Konstantin Savin

Senior Technology Manager


Vincenzo Lobianco

Vincenzo Lobianco

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer


Stefan  Zehle

Stefan Zehle


Coleago Consulting

Timur Kadyrov

Timur Kadyrov

Engineer in the Space Services Department (SSD) at the Radiocommunication Bureau


Stanislav  Kizima

Stanislav Kizima

ITU expert

Russian Federation

Ulrich  Rehfuess

Ulrich Rehfuess

Head of Spectrum Policy


Dzmitry  Korzun

Dzmitry Korzun

Head of Spectrum

Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Belarus

Chris  Woolford

Chris Woolford


International Spectrum Policy, Ofcom

Vadim Poskakukhin

Vadim Poskakukhin

Co Author of Strategy for 5G

LTE Union

Gulam  Abdullayev

Gulam Abdullayev

Chief adviser of the Telecommunication sector

Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Chen Dong

Chen Dong

Head of Industry Development of Wireless Emerging Marketing.


Valery O.  Tikhvinskiy

Valery O. Tikhvinskiy

Deputy General Director on Innovation Technologies

JSC National Research Institute of Technologies and Communications (NIITC)

Farid  Nakhli

Farid Nakhli

Programme Officer

ITU Regional Office for CIS

Matthew Fried

Matthew Fried

Senior Manager,

aetha Consulting

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Topics discussed were:


  • Co-ordination and co-operation on spectrum policy between CIS, Europe and Asia.
  • Preparing for WRC-19
  • Developing regional and national roadmaps for the future release of spectrum
  • Replanning the Digital Dividend
  • Delivering the required connectivity for co-ordinated, reliable and efficient PPDR networks across the region
  • 3.4GHz - 3.6GHz C-Band
  • 5G mmWave bands
  • Breaking down the digital divide