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Bringing together over 200 delegates annually, the European Cyber Security Conference provides a platform for key policymakers and stakeholders to discuss and debate the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space.

Speakers include

Julian King

Julian King

Commissioner for the Security Union

European Commission

Antonio Missiroli

Antonio Missiroli

Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges


Despina Spanou

Despina Spanou

Director Digital Society Trust & Cybersecurity DG CONNECT

European Commission

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson

Head of European Cybercrime Centre


Robert Hannigan

Robert Hannigan

Former Director General


Cinzia Missiroli

Cinzia Missiroli

Director of Standardization and Digital Solutions


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Forming the backbone of the European economy, digital technologies are transforming the  way businesses operate, how citizens connect and exchange information, and how they interact with public institutions and private organisations. – This transformation demands a robust, secure, and resilient digital network infrastructure. With cyber security incidents on the rise in both their sophistication and frequency, often posing both business and reputational risks through negative news headlines and infrastructure compromise, it is vital for all stakeholders of the ecosystem to work together to find ways to secure network and information systems in Europe to improve preparedness resilience, deterrence and defence in an era where both critical infrastructures and democratic processes are under threat.


Gathering leading policy-makers, industry players and high level cyber security and defence experts, this 6th annual Forum Europe conference will explore Europe’s response to a dynamically evolving global risk landscape.


Topics to be discussed will include: 

  • What are Europe's current and future policy objectives in the field of cyber security?
  • Securing the Industrial Internet: responsibilities in the connected ecosystem
  • Building effective cyber deterrence and protecting our democratic processes at EU and global level: cooperation, detection, attribution and prosecution
  • Highlights on the role of Blockchain, AI and other technologies in Cyber Security.


Interested in becoming involved this year?


To discuss any speaking, sponsorship or visibility opportunities this year, please contact Anne-Lise Simon on +44 (0) 2920 783 023 /



Thursday 8 November, 2018
09.00 to 17.00




Stanhope Hotel

Rue du Commerce 9
Bruxelles 1000

Tel: +32 2 506 91 11

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