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For the second consecutive year, the Middle East and North Africa Spectrum Management Conference provided a meeting point for spectrum stakeholders to come together and discuss topical issues relating to the management and co-ordination of spectrum policy across the region.


Taking place with the support of The Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) and co-located with the upcoming 20th meeting of the ASMG in Rabat, the conference offered an unrivalled opportunity to join the top experts from across MENA and beyond for discussions on all the key spectrum management issues for the region in an interactive environment.

Speakers include

Tariq Al-Awadhi

Tariq Al-Awadhi


Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG)

Abdoulkarim Soumaila

Abdoulkarim Soumaila


African Group for the Preparation of WRC-15

Mindel  de la Torre

Mindel de la Torre

Chief of the International Bureau

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Azdine El Mountassir Billah

Azdine El Mountassir Billah

Director General


Elsayed  Azzouz

Elsayed Azzouz

Sector Head, Radio Spectrum Management and Planning Representative

National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt

Adrian Scrase

Adrian Scrase



Per  Christensen

Per Christensen


European Communications Office

Roberto  Ercole

Roberto Ercole

Senior Director, Long-Term Spectrum


Stefan Apetrei

Stefan Apetrei

Deputy Director, Strategy & International Planning


Ebrahim  Al Haddad

Ebrahim Al Haddad

Regional Director, Arab Regional Office


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Taking place just a few months before the crucial World Radiocommunication Conference 15 in Geneva, this event offered the opportunity to look forward at what the likely outcomes and decisions would be, and at what this will mean for stakeholders in the Middle East and North Africa.


In additon, the conference looked at other key spectrum issues for the region, such as the work that is being done in the UHF band to find a long term 'win-win' solution for all stakeholders; as well as meeting the spectrum requirements of the technologies of the future (with a specific focus on how to licence spectrum for IoT technologies; and on delivering the spectrum to maximise the potential of 5G).


With a highly interactive format, plus more than 4 hours of networking time (including a welcome drinks reception, held on the evening prior to the event), this conference offered the opportunity to meet and discuss the key issues with decision and policy makers from throughout the region.




Friday 28 August, 2015
08.00 to 17.40




Hotel La Tour Hassan

26 Rue Chellah B.P.14

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