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Summary - European Satellite Day 2014

This half-day policy debate - entitled Innovation, Evolution & Convergence: Ensuring access to "next generation video" anytime, anywhere & on any device and hosted by MEPs Lambert van Nistelrooij and Sabine Verheyen - took place on 20th November in the European Parliament, as part of the 6th European Innovation Summit and European Satellite Day 2014.


Thanks to everyone who attended!

Speakers include

Sabine Verheyen

Sabine Verheyen


European Parliament

Roberto Viola

Roberto Viola

Deputy Director General, DG Connect

European Commission

Michel de Rosen

Michel de Rosen



Ingrid Deltenre

Ingrid Deltenre

Director General


Freenasp Mobedjina

Freenasp Mobedjina

Vice President, Group Strategy and Business Development


Further Information


The movement towards a connected world will drive more traffic over both fixed and mobile networks - most of this traffic will be video content, in ever-increasing quality.  No single technology can sustainably meet this demand - and trying to do so would have severe technical and economic consequences. Gathering some 150 key policymakers, thought leaders and senior industry representatives, and taking place on the occassion of European Satellite Day 2014 and the 6th European Innovation Summit, this event flagged the issues the new European Commission needs to address to ensure that users all over Europe can access these services, affordably and no matter where they live.


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Thursday 20 November, 2014
09.30 to 13.30




European Parliament (ASP-3E2)

B-1047 Brussels

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