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Global Spectrum Series 2014

The Global Spectrum Series 2014 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of Spectrum Management policy conferences, with sector-leading regional events taking place in Europe, Latin Americas, The Americas and Middle East / North Africa.



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At Forum Europe and Forum Global, we are committed to delivering the highest quality content and networking opportunities across our portfolio of spectrum related events. We are currently rolling out a number of select regional spectrum meeting points under the umbrella of the Global Spectrum Series 2014, which will provide the global spectrum community with high level platforms to discuss key issues, opportunities to network, develop new contacts and exchange best practices both within and beyond regional boundaries. 


Current Events


Please click on the banners below for more information on the upcoming Spectrum Management Conferences. 






Past Events


Please click on the banners below for more information and photographs from our most recent Spectrum Management Conferences in Latin America and Europe, Americas and the MENA region.






 The 9th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference






 For more information on our upcoming or previous events, please contact Tom Chinnock on or call +44 (0) 2920 783025.





Wed 1 January, 2014 09.00 to
Wed 31 December, 2014 17.30




Europe, Americas, Latin-America, Middle East North Africa


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