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This high-level one day policy forum took place in Central Brussels on 7th March, and will brought together representatives from all the key stakeholders for a full and frank discussion on the development of an EU policy for Dynamic Spectrum Access.

By taking into account both policy and technological considerations, the event took stock of where we are now, as well as examining the challenges and opportunities ahead. The forum looked forward to the possible shape of a future shared spectrum market in Europe, and to the optimal methods of combining technical and business approaches for the benefit of all users.

Speakers include

Ed Richards

Ed Richards

Chief Executive


Pearse O'Donohue

Pearse O'Donohue

Head of Unit for Radio Spectrum Policy

European Commission

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Senior Director, Technology Policy


Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly

Senior Spectrum Advisor, ComReg and Rapporteur for the review of spectrum use

Radio Spectrum Policy Group

James Pace

James Pace

Managing Director, UK and Ireland

Silver Spring Networks

Ira Keltz

Ira Keltz

Deputy Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology


Fabio Leite

Fabio Leite

Deputy Director of Radiocommunication Bureau


Aparna Sridhar

Aparna Sridhar

Telecom Policy Counsel

Google, Inc.

William Webb

William Webb



Pierre Jean Muller

Pierre Jean Muller

Senior Manager, Wireless Standards Dept



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Europe, along with the rest of the world, is seeing ever increasing demand for both wireless and mobile broadband, and with the ambitious targets of delivering 'broadband for all', set as part of the Commission's Digital Agenda, coupled with the development of other new technologies and applications such as M2M and cloud computing, these trends are only set to continue.


This has led to a squeeze on spectrum, and regulators at both a national and European level are constantly challenged with finding innovative new spectrum management policies that enable the efficiency of the available bandwidth to be maximized. One such method that is being explored is the use of dynamic techniques of spectrum sharing, and the introduction of new technologies, such as cognitive radio, which facilitate the opportunistic access to whitespaces.


Bringing together top level policy and decision makers from both Europe and beyond, this high-level forum looked at both the challenges and the opportunities that a shift to this more dynamic method of spectrum policy may provide, and as the Commission moves towards developing an EU policy for dynamic spectrum access, it examined what the future shape of a shared spectrum market may be.


Issuesthat were covered at the event included:

Taking the first steps towards shared spectrum access - policy and technological considerations
- What co-ordination is required at a European and international level, and how can this be achieved?
- What role should the European Commission play?
- Delivering the technology to enable dynamic spectrum access – where are we now?
- Overcoming the policy challenges to move dynamic spectrum access from concept to reality


What are the key drivers to create an environment towards sharing spectrum?
- Outcomes of WRC12 for software-defined and cognitive devices
- Applying database approaches to managing whitespaces
- Designing equipment and networks for white space operation
- How can the protection of existing spectrum users be ensured?

- Mapping the paradigm shift from a static to a dynamic spectrum management model


Mapping the shape of a future shared spectrum market
- Plans for the introduction of white space technology in the UK
- To what extent could Licensed Shared Access (LSA) provide a viable approach to provide further sharing opportunities and to minimise the impact on current users?
- What are the best methods of combining technical and business approaches for a more efficient use of spectrum?
- What types of spectrum/wireless infrastructure sharing (dynamic or less dynamic) can provide the greatest benefits for all users?
- How can the protection of existing spectrum users be ensured, and can the dynamic model eventually be made beneficial to all users?


For further details about the event please email, or call +44 (0) 2920 783 021.

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Wednesday 7 March, 2012
08.55 to 17.30




The Hotel

Boulevard de Waterloo 38
Brussels 1000

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