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Speaker Biographies

Full speaker biographies will appear here shortly, please check back regularly for updates.


Roberto Viola

Roberto Viola

Director-General, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Roberto Viola holds a Doctor degree in Electronic Engineering (Dr. Eng.) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

He is Deputy Director General of DG CONNECT, in the European Commission, with responsibilities for Electronic Communications Networks and Services Directorate, Cooperation Directorate - International and Inter-institutional relations, Stakeholders cooperation, Digital Economy & Coordination Directorate – Digital Single Market, Copyright, Innovations and Knowledge Base, Media & Data Directorate.

From 2005 to 2012, he was the Secretary General in charge of managing AGCOM (Italian media and telecom regulator).
He was Chairman of the European Radio Spectrum Policy group (RSPG) from 2012 to 2013, and Deputy Chairman in 2011 and Chairman in 2010. He was member of the BEREC Board (Body of European Telecom Regulators). He was Chairman of the European Regulatory Group (ERG) in 2007.
He served as Director of Regulation Department and Technical Director in AGCOM from 1999 to 2004, in charge of inter alia, regulation in terrestrial, cable and satellite television, frequency planning, access and interconnection of communication services, cost accounting and tariff in telecommunication and broadcasting services. From 1985-1999 he served in various positions as a staff member of the European Space Agency (ESA) in particular, he has been Head of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Satellite Services.

Mario Campolargo

Mario Campolargo

Deputy Director-General, DG DIGIT, European Commission


Mário Campolargo is the Deputy Director-General at DG DIGIT (Informatics) in the European Commission with responsibility for development of Digital Services, Digital Workplace and Cloud Infrastructures. He holds responsibility for coordinating ICT based Synergies and Efficiencies delivery.

Previously he has occupied several positions in the European Commission DG CONNECT, his most recent post being Director for "Future Networks" (policy development and research supporting the Digital Single Market from the angles of 5G networks, IoT, Cloud and Next Generation Internet). Before that, he was successively Head of Unit for eInfrastructures and Director for "Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures".

Before joining the European Commission in 1990, he worked for 12 years in the R&D Centre of Portugal Telecom as a researcher and manager.

He holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Coimbra, a Master of Science in Computing Science from Imperial College London, a Post graduate in Management from Solvay Business School Brussels and a European Studies Diploma from Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve.

Karol Okoński

Karol Okoński

Secretary of State, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Poland


Secretary of State at the Ministry of Digital Affairs since July 10th 2018, in 2016-2018 Undersecretary of State. He supervises the work of the Department of National Systems, Department of Development of Digital Services and the Cybersecurity Department.

He is also Vice-Chairman of the Digital Committee of the Council of Ministers and Chairman of the IT Architecture Council.

Member of the Joint Committee of the Central and Local Government, where he is also Vice-Chair of the Information Society team.

Chairing Steering Boards for a number of key governmental programmes, among others, e-ID, Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers, National State Registries, eID NODE and Open Data.

Chairman of the Audit Committee at the Ministry of Digital Affairs.


Graduate in Management and Economics at Gdańsk University of Technology (2001) with a master of science and engineer degree.

Program and Project Manager holding executive positions in consulting services as well as banking and postal services. In 2001-2012 was involved in numerous IT projects on behalf of the international consulting company Accenture Sp. o.o., and then worked as IT Director at Polish Post Office Digital Services and FM PBP Bank.

Holder of the PMP, Prince 2 Practitioner and ITIL certificates as well as participant of numerous trainings regarding IT systems implementation and IT governance.

Specialized in complex integration projects as well as in change management and development cycle processes.

Privately - a passionate of Latin-American literature, watchmaking, photography and sport.

Married, two children.

Mattia Fantinati

Mattia Fantinati

Under Secretary of State for Public Administration, Italy


Mattia Fantinati is currently an MP and Under Secretary of State for Public Administration. He previously served as MP and was the Chair of both the Industry, Commerce, Energy, Research and Tourism Committee and the Committee of Inquiry on counterfeiting, commercial piracy and abusive trade. He is a management engineer and an entrepreneur who attended Masters at Bocconi School of Management, Manchester Metropolitan University and London School of Economics. As a lawmaker, he promoted a law nullifying public funding for companies which relocate productions to non-UE countries, and a fiscal agreement implying a debt-credit swap between companies and the State.

Daniela Intravaia

Daniela Intravaia

Head of International Activities Coordination and Interim Head of National Planning, Agency for a Digital Italy


Daniela Maria Intravaia - Head of International Activities Coordination - Agency for Digital Italy – – via Liszt 21, 00144 Rome, Italy

Since January 2016, Head of International Activities Coordination, producing opinions in the EU ascendant legislative process, enforcing EU Regulations and Directives, drafting technical rules at the national level (Open Source for Public Administrations). Contact point of the Agency for European and International relationships.

Responsible for Transparency and Anticorruption.

Since December 2017, also responsible ad interim for National Programming.

Since 1981 until 2015, Judicial officer and manager at the Italian Ministry of Justice (MoJ). From 2012 to 2014, as Director general of ICT, she realised the national deployment of Online Civil Trial and Electronic Certified email, both in the civil and in the criminal trial. She represented the MoJ at the Working Party on e-Justice, Council of the European Union, and was President of it during the Italian Semester (July-Dec. 2014).

From 2004 to 2011 she was contract lecturer of Law Computer Science at the Universities of Milan and Como and kept lectures and classes in other Italian universities - Florence, Naples, Rome, Padova, etc. – and at the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

From 2002 to 2017 she participated in many missions in Albania, Moldova and Kosovo, as an expert for the Council of Europe and the European Commission, in twinning programmes for the enforcement of the Rule of Law, training of judges and court administrators and the spreading of eGovernment.

She got a law degree, 110/110 magna cum laude, and attended professional courses on ICT systems, judicial English, training of the personnel, digital government.

She speaks fluent English and German.

Honours: Ufficiale al merito della Repubblica Italiana.

Ulrike Kleifeld

Ulrike Kleifeld

VP Strategy, Public Services, Industries Blockchain Lead, SAP


Ulrike Kleifeld is responsible for driving SAP’s global strategy for Public Services with a strong focus on the transformation of government and society through new technology. She leads the Blockchain practice for SAP’s industry teams. Ulrike supports leaders of cities and governments around the world to define and drive their innovation roadmap.

Before joining SAP, Ulrike worked at the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture in the German State of Thüringen. She started her career in a law firm with specialization on Public and Administration Law, holding a full degree in Law from the State of Baden-Württemberg. Her true interest, however, has always been the reform and modernization of government. In her 17 years with SAP she has contributed to many government change projects with an immediate positive impact on people’s lives.

Ulrike Kleifeld is based at the SAP SE Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

Charles-Pierre Astolfi

Charles-Pierre Astolfi

Secretary General, French National Digital Council


Charles-Pierre Astolfi is the general secretary of the French Digital Council, an organisation that serves as an advisory board for the French government on digital matters.
Previously, he worked in the French cybersecurity agency. He also supervised the deployment of an EV fleet in the US.
He cowrote a book on 3D-printing and penned a report on blockchain technology for the French Ministry of Culture.
He holds a MSc in machine learning from École normale supérieure de Cachan and an engineering degree from École des Mines de Paris.

Juha Heikkilä

Juha Heikkilä

Head of Unit, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Dr Juha Heikkilä joined the European Commission in 1998 and currently works in its Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect). Since 2014 he has been the Head of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence unit, which is in charge of the Commission activities in these technologies in their various aspects.

The Commission has been funding a multidisciplinary research programme on Cognitive Systems, Robotics and AI for about 13 years, focusing on smarter and more flexible robots and artificial systems. In recent years, the annual budget has been between €70 million and €80 million. At the beginning of the current EU seven-year funding programme, Horizon 2020, a Public-Private Partnership in Robotics was set up, which brings together all the key stakeholders in the area. In this partnership the European Commission will invest up to €700 million via Horizon 2020 in roadmap-based research and innovation in these areas over a seven-year period. Previously, Dr Heikkilä was involved in computational and corpus linguistic research at the University of Helsinki, and he did a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

Cristian Nicolau

Cristian Nicolau

Head of Unit, E-Justice, IT and document management, DG JUST, European Commission


Cristian Nicolau (PhD) is the Head of the eJustice, IT and Document Management Unit of the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. His work is dedicated to shaping the eJustice policy and to oversee the implementation of the corresponding action plan. As Information Resource Manager he is responsible for the portfolio of IT systems of DG Justice and Consumers. Before, joining the European Institutions, Cristian worked for the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and as consultant for the World Bank. Published author of books and scientific papers, he has significant experience in eGovernment and with impact assessments.

Edmondo Orlotti

Edmondo Orlotti

Business Development for High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Edmondo Orlotti runs Business Development for High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Southern Europe. He has been addressing advanced analytics and visualization needs of industrial and academic environments in order to close the gap between numerical simulation and data interpretation. Prior to HPE, he’s been covering several roles in sales and marketing for the Professional Division of NVIDIA. He’s also a professional journalist since 2001.

Emilia Garito

Emilia Garito

CEO, Quantum Leap IP


Biography to follow.

Marek Magryś

Marek Magryś



Marek Magrys has over 12 years of experience in High Perfomance Computing, working for ACC Cyfronet AGH-UST, a leading Polish HPC centre. He has been a member of the team responsible for design, procurment and installation of the fastest supercomputer in Poland, Prometheus. He has been involved in many national and European projects, such as PLGrid, EGI, PRACE and WLCG.

He is currently leading the Data Storage Departament in Cyfronet and coordinating few projects focused on large scale data acquisition and analysis. Marek is also an external expert for the European Commision in the scope of evaluation of Horizon2020 proposals.

Fabrizio Gagliardi

Fabrizio Gagliardi

Senior Strategy Advisor, Institutional - European Relations, Barcelona Supercomputing Center


Fabrizio Gagliardi spent the first 30 years of his career at the European Centre for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland and 8 years at Microsoft and Microsoft Research (2005-2013) in the US, Switzerland and in the UK.

He is now Distinguished Research Director at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain. In this position, he is responsible for the long term international strategy of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. He also leads on behalf of BSC two major EU supported projects (RDA-EU 3 and RDA-EU 4) and plays a major role in the EuroHPC initiative to develop a European high performance supercomputer to list in the top 3 supercomputers in the world by 2023.

He also serves as ACM Europe Policy chair and sits in the scientific advisory boards of several EU projects.

Formerly he was visiting professor, at the Gran Sasso Scientific Institute, L’Aquila, Italy and Independent computing consultant, in Geneva, Switzerland.

In his long career Fabrizio held senior scientific and managerial positions in prestigious scientific research organisations (CERN in CH, Stanford Accelerator in the US) and consulted with scientific organisations such as Fermilab National Laboratory and NSF in the US, INFN in Italy, STFC in the UK…).

His research interests focus on exploring new advanced computing technologies which could better support science: AI, real-time data acquisition systems, data management system design, distributed systems, grid and cloud technology, High Performance Computing and computer architecture.

As an example, Fabrizio while at CERN in 2001-2005 led the EU EGEE and DataGrid projects. These projects developed the worldwide computing infrastructure which physicists used to discovered the Higgs particle (Nobel prize in 2013). The infrastructure now called W-LCG continues to be main computing platform used by all particle physicists worldwide.

In the mid 90’ Fabrizio prototyped highly parallel computing systems as Principal Investigator of the project GPMIMD2. It led to development of a commercial supercomputer produced by a European industrial consortium, which was adjudicated a major tender by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US. Some of the interconnect technology of that system is still used today in Cray and HPE supercomputers.

Costica Dumbrava

Costica Dumbrava

eHealth, Well-being & Ageing, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Costica Dumbrava is Programme Officer in the e-Health, Wellbeing and Ageing unit of DG CONNECT. Before joining the European Commission, he worked as Policy Analyst for the European Parliament, in the European Parliamentary Research Service, and as researcher and executive coordinator of the Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development of Maastricht University. Dumbrava obtained a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute and graduated MA studies at Leiden University and Central European University. He has conducted research and published extensively in the areas of citizenship, society and technology for both academic and policy-oriented audiences. He has spoken frequently at international conferences and has participated as expert in several research projects, such as the Global Observatory on Citizenship of the European University Institute.

Jesse Paquette

Jesse Paquette

Co-founder, CSO,


Jesse Paquette is a data scientist and software architect with 18 years of experience in bioinformatics and healthcare informatics. He has contributed to and led software development and data analysis projects in both the private and public sectors (Genedata AG, University of California San Francisco, ThermoFisher, Ayasdi). Currently, Jesse is the technical co-founder of, a HealthTech data research start-up.

Leonardo Flores

Leonardo Flores

HPC Expert, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Biography to follow.

Virginie   Martins De Nobrega

Virginie Martins De Nobrega

Lawyer; Conflict Expert; Senior Strategy, Innovation, Advocacy Advisor


Biography to follow.


Irena Bednarich

Irena Bednarich

Director Corporate Affairs, Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Irena Bednarich is Director of Corporate Affairs for Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role, she is driving HPE’s corporate affairs strategy in the region and is supporting strategic public sector pursuits.

Irena has wide-ranging experience in representing the tech sector at European level.

She is a Board member of DIGITALEUROPE, the advocacy group acting on behalf of the information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications sectors.

She has chaired the Digital Enterprise Group in DIGITALEUROPE for two terms and, for almost a decade, led the organisation’s Copyright Working Group. Irena has also served as President of EURIMAG, the voice of the European printing industry, based in Brussels.

Copyright policies were always at the center of her expertise. For her work and efforts on copyright levies, both in Brussels and internationally, she has been awarded the European Counsel Award for Intellectual Property 2009, granted by the International Law Office, in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Irena is fluent in Italian, Slovenian, French, English and German and has working knowledge of Spanish.
She has been awarded the title of “Alfiere del Lavoro” by the President of the Italian Republic.

Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson

Chairman, Forum Europe


Paul Adamson is chairman of Forum Europe and founder and editor of E!Sharp, an online magazine dedicated to covering the European Union and Europe's place in the world.

He is a member of Rand Europe's Council of Advisors and sits on the external advisory board of YouGov-Cambridge, a polling think-tank. He is a member of the advisory groups of the European Institute in Washington DC and the Washington European Society. He is also on the advisory group of the EU chapter of Women in International Security (WiiS).

Paul is a Visiting Professor at the Policy Institute, King's College London, a patron of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES) and a Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences.

He founded the consulting firm Adamson Associates, which was sold to Weber Shandwick and The Centre, which was later sold to Edelman.

In 2012, Paul was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) "for services to promoting understanding of the European Union", a part of the Queen's 2012 New Year Honours Diplomatic Service and Overseas List. In 2016 he was made a Chevalier in the Ordre national du Mérite by the French government.

Alea Fairchild

Alea Fairchild

Research Fellow, The Constantia Institute


Dr. Alea Fairchild is a Research Fellow at The Constantia Institute, which is a Brussels-based technology policy think-tank, focusing on innovation and technological advances and their impact on industry and society. As a technology commentator she has a broad presence both in the traditional media and extensively online. Alea covers the convergence of technology in the cloud, mobile and social spaces and she helps global enterprises understand the competitive marketplace and to profit from digital process redesign.

Alea is passionate about commercial marketing and innovation, and as an entrepreneur, has started several companies of her own. She loves working with start-ups and actively supports VCs in due diligence work. She also assists governmental institutions on technology policy issues.



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