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Eun-Ju Kim

Eun-Ju Kim

Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, ITU*


Dr. Eun-Ju Kim is currently Regional Director of ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific based in Bangkok, Thailand, representing ITU and responsible for some 40 Member States and over 70 Sector Members in this region.

Before she joined the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – a UN Special Agency for Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) – in 2000, she had served several posts such as Director for Regulatory Affairs at the ICO Global Communications based in London; Lecturer for Telecommunication Policies and Regulations at the London City University, and Senior Adviser to Ministers at the Ministry of Communications in the Republic of Korea.

She has been educated from the Seoul National University in R. O. Korea for the first Master Degree and the London City University in the United Kingdom for the second Master and Ph. Degrees.

Over 100 books or articles/papers have been published, translated or presented at numerous countries in the cross continents from Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific to Europe on professional areas such as: e.g.,
- ITU: legal instruments,structure and functions,
- international relations and organizations: case studies of UNESCO, OECD, NTELSAT and standardization organizations,
- telecommunication/ICT policies, legislations, governance and regulations,
- telecommunication standardizations,
- ICTs for empowerment of women and marginalized/underprivileged groups (e.g.,persons with disabilities),
- satellite communications,
- new emerging issues including e-commerce, cyber-laws and cyber-security, next generation networks and broadband, management of ICT resources and more.

To serve member countries for their inclusive and sustainable development in telecommunications/ ICTs through optimizing digital opportunities in the interdependent information society, she has been pursuing close cooperation and partnerships - especially public-private-peoples’ partnerships (PPPP) – with multi-stakeholders such as UN Agencies; international, re gional, sub-regional and national organizations; regulators; private industry; NGOs and academia in addition to the ITU Administrations in the Asia-Pacific.

She has been awarded by the governments of R. O. Korea and Mongolia with the ‘Excellency in Telecommunications’ Honorary Medal as well as ITU with the Medal of ‘Excellence in Performance’.

Settapong Malisuwan

Settapong Malisuwan

Vice-Chairman, NBTC Thailand


Settapong Malisuwan is currently the Elected Vice Chairman and Board Member in the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand. His interests are in efficient spectrum management and Telecommunications policy and management in Thailand.

Colonel Settapong received his PhD in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications), specializing in Mobile Communication Systems from Florida Atlantic University (State University System of Florida), Boca Raton in 2000. He received an MSc in Electrical Engineering in Mobile Communications System, from George Washington University in 1996, an MSc in Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, Nakhon-Nayok, Thailand in 1990.

Andrey Mukhanov

Andrey Mukhanov

Adviser to the Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Russian Federation; and Vice-Chair, APEC TEL


Andrey Mukhanov hosts a post of the Adviser to the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. He is also currently the Vice-Chair of APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL).

He graduated from the Military Engineering Institute and several educational institutions and courses. He became a military radio engineer and an expert in the field of administration, international relations, management, telecommunications / ICT, indicators and statistics, climate change / water resources.

From 1979 to 2008 he was in the Armed Forces and then worked in the central office of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

From February to May 2009 Andrey Mukhanov was the Head of the International Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

In May 2009 he started his work for the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, first as the Director of the International Cooperation Department and then as the Adviser to the Minister.

Mr. Mukhanov was one of the initiators of the Framework Agreement between the European Union member countries and members of the RCC (Regional Commonwealth in field of Communication) in the coordination of the spectrum, as well as the initiators of signing a number of bilateral MoU on roaming tariffs.

For several years Mr.Mukhanov is responsible for international projects and relationship with international organizations and International Telecommunication Union. He was the head / deputy head of the Russian delegation in APEC TEL and in April 2013 was elected as the Vice Chair of APEC TEL.

Yu Quan

Yu Quan

Chief Strategy Officer, Wireless Networks Product Line, Huawei


Mr. Yu Quan is responsible for the wireless network strategy and business plan in Huawei Strategy & Business Development Department.

From 2012 to present Mr.Yu served as the Chief Strategy Officer of Strategy & Business Development Department.

From 2009 to 2012 Mr.Yu served as the Head of Huawei Wireless Network Product Management Department.

From 2005 to 2009 Mr. Yu served as the Director of Huawei Wireless Network GSM&UMTS&LTE Product Management Department.

From 1999 to 2005 Mr. Yu worked in research and development department in hardware platform for base station and radio access network.

Mr. Yu Quan graduated from Beijing University of Posts&Telecommunications in 1997. Then he joined Huawei as a R&D engineer.

Sungho Choi

Sungho Choi

Vice President, Head of Standards & Technology Enabling Team, Samsung Electronics


Dr. Sungho Choi is the Head of the Standards and Technology Enabling Team at Samsung Electronics. His team covers standardization in Wireless Communications, Multimedia, Broadcasting, Applications, and Regulations. Alongside standardization, he is spearheading a "Technology Enabling" activity wherein he brings together insights and intelligence gathered from standardization and emerging industry trends to enable and initiate new technologies and businesses.

Dr. Choi has a wealth of experience in standardization of mobile communications including WCDMA, HSDPA, MBMS, HSUPA, LTE, IMS, I-WLAN and SAE.

Since joining Samsung Electronics in 1999, he has been actively involved in 3GPP standardization as a head of Samsung 3GPP delegates. He has been serving as Vice Chair of 3GPP TSG SA since March 2011, and as Samsung's main contact person for NGMN.

Dr. Choi holds a Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea.

Andreas Geiss

Andreas Geiss

Deputy Head of Spectrum Unit, European Commission


Andreas Geiss is currently Deputy Head of Unit for Radio Spectrum Policy in DG CONNECT of the European Commission. His responsibilities include the implementation of the inventory in accordance with the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme.

Andreas has been working for the European Commission since 2002. He started his professional career in 1991 at the German Regulatory Authority in the area of telecommunications. From 1994 until 2002 he worked for the European Radiocommunications Office (ERO), where he was project leader for many projects dealing with terrestrial and satellite mobile communications. He has been involved in the European preparations for World Radiocommunications Conferences since 1995. Andreas is a telecommunications engineer by profession and enjoys all sorts of sports in his spare time.

John Lewis

John Lewis

Chairman, Working Group Spectrum Aspects, APT Wireless Group


Mr. Lewis, now pursuing a career as a consultant, participates in a number of working groups and project teams on spectrum management issues and is called upon to provide consultancy advice to ITU member administrations, research institutes, industrial entities and system operators on matters related to space radiocommunications and new wireless technologies. He is heavily involved in the Study Group activities of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector. Mr. Lewis is a member of the Management Team of the newly created ITU-R Joint Task Group 4-5-6-7 dealing with WRC-15 Agenda Items 1.1 and 1.2.

Mr. Lewis is also heavily involved in the activities of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity where he headed the Editorial committee of the APT Preparatory Group for the ITU 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference. He also chairs the Spectrum Aspects Working Group of the APT Wireless Group.

Mr. Lewis, until his retirement in 2000, was Head of the Space Publication and Registration Division of the Space Services Department in the Radiocommunication Bureau at ITU where he was responsible for the processing of coordination requests and notifications for satellite networks and earth stations. He was also responsible for the maintenance of the ITU’s Master International Frequency Register for space services.

Fetty Fajriati

Fetty Fajriati

Commissioner, Indonesian Telecom Regulatory Authority (BRTI)


Fetty Fajriati was a broadcast journalist. Fetty spent close to 10 years moving through the ranks of Indonesia’s first private and premier News & Entertainment television channel, reaching a senior position responsible for newscast and the international news desk. She then spent the next few years in Corporate Communication roles, gaining considerable experience in multimedia industry as well as leading The Habibie Center Institute for Democracy and Human Rights in promoting their ground-breaking program during Indonesia’s turbulent transition to democracy.

Over the past three years, Fetty Fajriati had the honour of being installed through Presidential appointment as the Deputy Chairman of Indonesia Broadcasting Commission, an independent body responsible for regulating Indonesia’s private and public broadcasting industry for the period of 2007 - 2010. She is now a commissioner at the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Her post will run from 2012 – 2015.

Chris Perera

Chris Perera

Senior Director, Spectrum Policy & Regulatory Affairs APAC, GSMA


As the Senior Director, Spectrum Policy and Regulatory Affairs for the Asia Pacific Region, GSMA, Chris Perera advises, many government and regulatory bodies across the region.

Her expertise and areas of interest include Mobile Regulation, Spectrum Policy & Management, Allocation methodologies, Digital Dividend re-planning, Mobile Broadband and new wireless technologies.

Prior to joining the GSMA, Chris was the Chair of the New Zealand Radiocommunications Sector and the Principal Wireless Advisor on the New Zealand Government's Broadband Initiative.

She spent seven years as a Senior Advisor and Spectrum Manager with the New Zealand Government and New Zealand Regulator and as the Spectrum Investment Manager and Adviser on Mobile Technologies for the New Zealand Mobile Operator Telecom New Zealand for six years prior to that.

Chris was the Auction Manager for the 2.3 GHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum auctions held in New Zealand.

A current Vice Chairman of the APT Wireless Group, Chris has a Masters (Thesis) Degree from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand and holds a Management Accounting Degree from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, United Kingdom.

Chris Worley

Chris Worley

Senior Engineer, Australian Communications and Media Authority


Chris is a Senior Spectrum Planning Engineer at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA,) the government regulator of communications, including radiocommunications, in Australia. He is responsible for the planning for access to the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum by government agencies in Australia.

Chris has been with the ACMA for 5 years, prior to which he worked in a range of government and private industry roles as an operator, trainer, developer and planner of radiocommunications technologies and services. He holds an honours degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering from the University of Tasmania.

Rob Borthwick

Rob Borthwick

Vice President, Group Regulatory Affairs, Axiata Group Berhad, Kuala Lumpur


Rob works for Axiata Group Berhad (“Axiata”) on strategic and international Public Policy and regulatory issues in South East and South Asia. Previously he worked for an international mobile operator dealing with regulatory issues in Africa and on international new product regulation. Before joining the mobile industry he has worked in the public sector on market liberalization for the European Commission and on competitive advantage through communications for a UK development organization and in the private sector for fixed network operators.

Axiata is one of the largest Asian telecommunications companies, focused on high growth low penetration emerging markets. Axiata has controlling interests in mobile operators in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia with significant strategic stakes in operators in India and Singapore. Axiata's vision is to be regional champion by 2015 by piecing together the best throughout Asia in connectivity, technology and talent, uniting them towards a single goal of: Advancing Asia.

Axiata has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best Telecom Group consecutively for each year between 2009 and 2013 and the Telecom Asia Best Regional Mobile Group 2010 and 2011 for its operations in Asian markets.

Stefan Zehle

Stefan Zehle

CEO, Coleago Consulting


Stefan Zehle, is a former Director of Strategy, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs for a mobile operator and has been consulting to the telecoms sector for over 20 years. He is a specialist in spectrum related issues as well as marketing strategy, market forecasting, and business planning. Stefan has been involved in advising both operators and regulators on spectrum related issues since the inception of GSM networks. Stefan has spoken at over 30 telecoms conferences, appeared on the BBC discussing spectrum issues and is the co-author of the Economist’s Guide to Business Planning.

David Botha

David Botha

Counsellor, Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU


David Botha commenced work in the ITU-R in 2002 as an engineer in the Broadcasting Service Division of the Terrestrial Services Department of the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR). Initial responsibilities comprised preparations for the Regional Radiocommunication Conferences of 2004 and 2006, which dealt with planning digital broadcasting in Region 1 and in Iran. Since August 2011 he has position of Study Group Department of the BR as Counsellor to Study Group 3 (Radio wave propagation).

Prior to joining the ITU, David worked from 1994 until 2000 in South Africa for the national broadcasting signal distributor and later for the telecommunication operator as spectrum manager for various services. He also developed spectrum management software for telecommunication services while working for a software developing company in Germany (2001 – 2002).

Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong

General Manager for Technology Strategy, CSL


Leslie Wong is the General Manager of Technology Strategy of CSL Limited. Since he joined CSL in 2012, Leslie has developed the strategy for new blocks of 2600MHz spectrum auction. In May 2013, CSL was the first mobile operator commercial launched 20+20MHz LTE2600 in Hong Kong.

Leslie came to CSL with over 18 years of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. Prior to joining CSL, Leslie was the Senior Consultant of Ericsson China, leading the MBB developments in Southern China and Hong Kong. Previously, he held regional posts marketing CDMA technologies in SEAP region in Qualcomm, other network vendor and operations, and engaged mainly in 3G/ 4G LTE technology, spectrum usage and device strategy. He has contributed to the world’s first CDMA network commercial launched in Hong Kong in 1996 and the first 3G UMTS network launched in Hong Kong.

Leslie holds a Bachelor and Master Degrees in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from The University of Hong Kong.

Eberhardt Heidrich

Eberhardt Heidrich

Head of Division Service & Quality Management, LS telcom


Dr. Eberhardt Heidrich received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe in 1992. After working as a research assistant at the Institute for High Frequency Technology (IHE), he joined LS telcom AG in 1994. Initially, he lead the Broadcast Department where he was responsible for the development of broadcast planning and coordination software tools. In his current position, he is heading the customer Service and Quality Management Division of LS telcom AG. Dr. Heidrich has held numerous lectures and training courses on analog and digital broadcast technologies, as well as RF spectrum planning and international coordination. Besides broadcasting, his special interest is in radio wave propagation, antennas, and RF measurement techniques. He is member of the IEEE AP and BTS societies, as well as ITU ties member. He has participated in various ITU workshops, seminars and international radio communication conferences.

Göran Berntson

Göran Berntson

Secretary General, The 3.5GHz Interest Group Director; and TDD Industry Development, Huawei


Göran Berntson joined Huawei in 2008 and was then responsible for setting up a European Core Network Product Management organisation. Today he is Director of TDD Industry Development and still based in the Huawei Sweden R&D centre in Stockholm. He has more than 30 years of experience from the Telecom industry, working primarily in Sweden but also in other countries.

Håkan Ohlsén

Håkan Ohlsén

Director, Spectrum and Radio Technology Strategy, Ericsson


Håkan Ohlsén took his Ph.D. degree in Solid State Physics at Uppsala University in 1986, and continued with research at the Swedish Institute of Microelectronics in Stockholm. In 1990 he was appointed an Associate Professor at Uppsala University.

He joined Ericsson Sweden early in the year of 1995, working with radio interfaces for the 3rd Generation/IMT-2000 mobile systems. In 1996 he started work at the Ericsson office in Japan and participated in the standardization of WCDMA and the set-up of 3GPP. Since 1998 he has been at the Ericsson Headquarters with focus on access standardization strategies. In 2004 he was elected Vice-Chairman of ITU-R WP8F that is today WP5D, the ITU group responsible for IMT and its evolution. Currently Håkan Ohlsén position is Director, Spectrum and Radio Technology Strategy in the Ericsson Group Function Technology, and is based at the Ericsson Hanoi office.

Phillipa Marks

Phillipa Marks

Director, Plum Consulting


Phillipa Marks has particular expertise in the economics of spectrum policy and management. She advised the New Zealand government on creating the first ever national market in spectrum in 1989. Since then she has advised on spectrum policy issues in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North America. She developed the approach to spectrum pricing (AIP) now applied in the UK and works on spectrum valuation, licensing and allocation issues. She also works on the analysis of economic, public policy and regulatory issues in the media and telecommunications industries. She has first class honours degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and an M.Litt from Oxford University. Phillipa is a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board (OSAB).

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

Asia-Pacific Regional Director for Government Affairs, Motorola Solutions


Mr. Bharat Bhatia has over 39 years of experience in spectrum management and ICT policies & regulations.

Currently he heads the Motorola Solutions’ Government Affairs and Public Policy activities for the Asia Pacific and Middle East Region. Prior to this, he was a senior regulator with Government of India for 22 years as a spectrum regulator and Telecom policy specialist. He was also actively involved in formulation and implementation of India’s National spectrum plans and ICT policies. He regularly attends and speaks at various Global conferences and meetings and has been actively participating in various ITU and Asia Pacific telecommunity (APT) meetings including all World Radio Conferences during the last 15 years.

Mr. Bhatia is an expert on spectrum management and works closely with many Asian governments particularly in the area of spectrum and regulations for Public safety and mobile telecommunications (IMT). He chairs the APT Task Group on Public Safety and Disaster Relief communications-PPDR as well as the ITU WP5D working group on broadband public safety spectrum issues for LTE and other mobile cellular technologies.

Mr. Bhatia was the key originator of ITU World Radio Conference Resolution (WRC) 646 on spectrum for Public Safety communications in 2003. He was also the key originator of the Agenda item 1.3 of WRC-2015 for Revision of Resolution 646 that has been approved at WRC-12 in Geneva.
He is also the founder President of the Core Group of Telecom Industries Association of India (CTIA), Vice-President of ITU-APT Foundation of India and earlier he was the President of TEMA (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India) and a Vice President of Association of Telecom Industries of Singapore (ATIS).

Mr. Bharat Bhatia holds a B. E. degree from University of Delhi in Electronics and Telecommunications and is a fellow member of IETE, the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers. Mr. Bhatia has completed a number of management courses from various institutes and universities including National University of Singapore and George Washington University.

Jeongho Park

Jeongho Park

Director, Communications Research Team, Samsung Electronics


Dr. Jeongho Park received his Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University.

Since he joined Samsung Electronics in 2005, he has mainly been engaged in standardization and development of wireless communications including IMT-ADV.

Currently, Dr. Jeongho Park is the director of Communications Research Team at Samsung Electronics and his research interest includes beyond-4G and 5G technologies.

Ramesh Sinha

Ramesh Sinha

CEO, e-Procurement Technologies Limited


Ramesh Sinha is the acting CEO of e-Procuremement Technologies Limited (ETL). He founded ETL in 2006 and since than ETL has enabled more than 50,000 for everything under the Sun. He played an instrumental role when SMRA/CCA auction software was to be developed for the Government of India. So far 2 Auctions have been successfully conducted on AuctionTiger, the ETL auction platform.

Zhang Dongchen

Zhang Dongchen

Project Manager, China Mobile


Dr. Zhang Dongchen received his Ph.D. from the University of Science and Technology of China. His research interest is in the electromagnetic field and microwave technology. He joined the China Mobile Group Design Institute in 2009 and then became involved in the standardization of mobile communications. Now he is leading a spectrum engineering and strategy team in the division of research. Their research area includes the electromagnetic compatibility study, TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE networking technology, dynamic spectrum technology and spectrum strategy related issues.

Peter Walop

Peter Walop

Independent Expert, ITU


Peter Walop has over 20 years of experience in the broadcast and telecom markets and led many service launches and company restructuring processes.

As an ITU expert, Peter assisted African and Asian countries in migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting, including Cambodia, Thailand, Angola, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Peter is co-author of the ITU “Guidelines for the Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting”. The Guidelines are a major output of ITU’s integrated work towards promoting the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. Peter also contributed to the ITU’s report on the Digital Dividend, titled “Digital Dividend: Insights for Spectrum Decisions”. Currently he is assisting the Thai National Regulatory Authority (NBTC) with the introduction of digital television and radio services.

For the European Union he helped the Serbian government in planning the digital television switch-over. He also assisted key broadcast players in Sweden (Boxer) and Belgium (VRT/PMV) in respectively repositioning the digital television offer and the sales of the national broadcast network assets.

Peter previously worked for Nozema, the Dutch broadcast network operator, as deputy CEO. As a member of the management team he launched digital and mobile television as well as wireless internet services in the Netherlands.

In the past he worked for Hewlett Packard in the UK and he joined Coopers & Lybrand Management Consultants for 9 years. For the latter company he carried out numerous assignments in the broadcast and telecom industry, for both operators and Regulators in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the UK. Peter also worked for Accenture for 2 years and carried out assignments for global broadcast operators based in Paris (TDF) and Luxembourg (SES), including the business planning for digital and mobile television.

Sameer Sharma

Sameer Sharma

Senior Advisor, Asia-Pacific Regional Office, ITU


Sameer Sharma is currently Senior Advisor at ITU Regional office for Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, responsible for South Asia covering India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Maldives where he is responsible for providing technical assistance to the countries for development of ICT including creating conducive policy and regulatory framework.

He has assisted several countries in migration from legacy networks to Next Generation Networks, designing Broadband Policy Framework for several countries including wireless broadband master plans for Vietnam Samoa Myanmar and Nepal.

He is also responsible for assisting countries on cyber security issues and developed framework for establishment of CIRT. Before joining the ITU, he held several senior positions such as Advisor, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Malaysia. He has also served as General Manager, Corporate Strategy in Celcom Malaysia Berhad.

He also worked as Director TRAI, India with extensive work on convergence and regulatory issues in Indian telecom sector. He also has extensive experience in television and radio broadcasting including satellite and microwave communications.

He actively contributed to Study Groups in ITU-T and ITU-D for several years. He was chair on Mobile Termination Rates in ITU-SG3 (2005-2007) and Chair on Economic aspects of IP Telephony 2001 and had undertaken field projects as ITU Expert.

He has been chair and panel speaker in several international conferences and has contributed to several international articles and publications including ITU-D publications. He has organized Sub regional Ministerial Forum, Regional Forums and International Training Programs and Heads of Regional Regulators Roundtables.

He has been awarded by ITU with a medal of excellence for performance in 2009.​


Amit Nagpal

Amit Nagpal

Partner, Aetha Consulting


Amit Nagpal advises fixed and mobile operators, regulators/government bodies, financial institutions and equipment manufacturers on a wide range of commercial, technical and regulatory issues. In particular, Amit Nagpal assists organisations with commercial & technical due diligence, radio spectrum policy development and spectrum valuation and auction support. Prior to founding his own consulting company, Amit was a Senior Partner at Analysys Mason, a specialist telecoms strategy consultancy, where he advised on several multi-billion dollar M&A and debt financing transactions as well as leading numerous high-profile regulatory studies. In the area of spectrum management, Amit's experience has included:

* leading high-profile studies for the European Commission (harmonised approach to the digital dividend, introduction of spectrum trading)

* supporting spectrum users (e.g. O2, KPN, UPC), industry bodies (e.g. GSM Association, UMTS Forum, TETRA Association) and regulations (e.g. Ofcom in the UK, NITA in Denmark, MinEZ in the Netherlands) on major policy issues such as (i) the future demand for spectrum e.g. for wireless broadband services (ii) liberalisation of mobile spectrum/GSM licence renewal and (iii) the award of the digital dividend (800MHz) and 2.6GHz bands.

Amit is able to bring a global perspective to his work having undertaken projects for clients in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Soren Sorensen

Soren Sorensen

Senior Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting


Dr. Sorensen specializes in game theory and industrial economics and has particular expertise in auction design, bidding strategies, and auction implementation.

As a Senior Consultant in NERA's Communications Group, Dr. Sorensen has been involved in the design and implementation of several auctions. Examples include implementation of an auction of FWA licenses for PTS, Sweden; design and implementation of an auction of natural gas for the Danish gas company DONG; and design and implementation of an electricity procurement auction for Italian Acquirente Unico. During the majority of these auction projects, Dr. Sorensen has been involved in the development of software for analyzing bidding behavior and software for processing bidding data. Other work includes advice on bidding strategies in first-price auctions as part of the preparatory work for Ofcom's renewal of the Channel 3 Licence; advice on design of energy capacity auctions for US system operators; and a study for the European Commission on the feasibility of auctioning airport slots using combinatorial auctions.

Dr. Sorensen is fluent in Danish and English and holds a PhD in economics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, where he specialized in game theory and auction design. Dr. Sorensen has recently published part of his PhD thesis in Economics Letters.

Jesada Sivaraks

Jesada Sivaraks

Secretary to Vice Chairman, NBTC Thailand


Biography to appear here shortly...

Jolly Wong Chun-kau

Jolly Wong Chun-kau

Fellow and Chairman of Far East Regional Network, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


Jolly is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET), also Fellow Members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (FHKIE) and the Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS), Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia (FIEAust) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E.) in information; electronic; control, automation & instrumentation disciplines. He is the Chairman of the IET Far East Regional Network.

He is the Chief Police Telecommunications Engineer with the Hong Kong Police Force. He received a MSc degree in Telecommunications and Information Systems from the University of Essex, UK and a MPhil degree about digital encryption from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Jolly is an Adjunct Professor of the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications.

He is the Directorate Grade Staff Member and Head of Communications Branch, Hong Kong Police Force, in charge of the spectrum management, corporate planning, technology research and appraisal, technical design and specifications, operations and development of communications facilities and equipment. He was the Chief System Architect of CC3 and has served as the Head of the 3rd Generations Command, Control and Communications (CC3) Division responsible for the design, development and project execution of the digital communications platform to the Hong Kong Police and that has been emerging to become an interoperable Unified Digital Common Platform (UDCP) for the emergency services, agencies and departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He received the Outstanding Contribution to TETRA award in 2008 and was appointed Ambassador for Asia by the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) in 2010.



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