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EuroHeart Conference 2009
Combating heart disease & stroke - Planning for a Healthier Europe


10th September 2009 - Brussels
A conference taking place as part of work package 5 of the EuroHeart project...

Thank you very much to everyone who participated at the event !

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To view the European Heart Network’s report, Cardiovascular Disease prevention in Europe - the unfinished agenda, please click here



Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main cause of death and disability in Europe, accounting for more than 2 million deaths each year across the member states, and costing the EU economy an estimated €192 billion a year.


In order to address the significant burden of CVD in Europe and reduce heart disease as a major cause of early death, strategies have been developed to tackle the problem at both national and European level, focussing on:

* education & training;
* effective interventions to persuade people to convert to a healthier lifestyle;
* a policy that would actively favour improved health;
* research in health promotion and behavioural changes;
* the monitoring of risk factors


There are however striking differences between the specific CVD disease rates that are seen across different member states in Europe, which would indicate that some countries are having a far greater level of success than others in tackling the problem. Bringing together top level stakeholders and EU and national policymakers, this conference aims to address this. 

As part of the EuroHeart Project, a report has been produced looking at key themes and priority areas on Cardiovascular Health (CVH) promotion and CVD prevention within national plans, and the planned actions within national policies within and between countries. This conference will present the findings of the report, and by analysing the comprehensive data that is produced, identify gaps in planning and prevention of CVD at national levels, and present a template for national strategies.
Questions to be addressed include: What recent trends in CVD and in Prevention Strategies are being observed in Europe? Which countries are seeing the greatest success in tackling CVD, and are there any patterns that can be seen in the prevention planning and policies of these countries? Which populations are at the highest-risk, and how can these inequalities be addressed? What are the roles of the different stakeholders involved? Can we develop a model for national strategies and action plans for CVH, and more importantly ensure that these plans translate into tangible results? What are the socio-economic advantages of preventing CVD?




  This conference is taking place as part of Work Package 5 of the EuroHeart Project, which has received co-funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme. The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information provided during the conference, the sole responsibility lies with the persons/organisation concerned.



Thursday 10 September, 2009
09.00 to 17.30




The Residence Palace


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Organised by EHN & ESC