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What they say about The Global Spectrum Series


We are very proud of the feedback that we receive at our events!


Below are comments from some of the past delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors at The Global Spectrum Series:


"I really appreciated your hospitality and a great event. I look forward to more interactions in the future."


- Tom Olwero, CA Kenya

"I always enjoy your programs. In particular I am so impressed by your efficiency and the quality of the speakers. Many thanks to all of you."


– Bashir Gwandu, Commonweslth ITU Group

"Your conference was outstanding as always. Really well done with the right people in the room."


- Kalpak Gude, President, DSA

"It was a great event - very well organized and it provided an excellent perspective on current spectrum management issues."


- Alejandro Navarette, IFT Mexico

"Congratulations on this very successful event…I found the presentations and related discussions very informative, enjoyable and useful. I look forward to further Global Forum conferences!"


– Alexandre Kholod, CEPT

"I want to congratulate you for your outstanding organization. The success of this year’s event confirms that your Conference has become the leading Spectrum Forum in our region."


- Jose Ayala, Ericsson

"I have heard such positive and wonderful feedback from everyone at the conference this year, US representatives and our foreign delegates alike. It was the best one ever!"


- Tom Sullivan, Chief, International Bureau, FCC

"The event gave a real context and feel for where the mood is going with important policy decisions, and also the opportunity to meet and talk with the right people."


 – Kumar Singarajah, Avanti



Wed 19 June, 2019 09.00 to
Thu 20 June, 2019 17.00




BluePoint Brussels

80 Bd. A. Reyers
1030 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)2 706 88 00



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