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Cosmetic manufacturers increasingly accept that animal experiments are unnecessary and that companies continuing to use them damage the reputation of the industry.



80% of countries don't have any laws against animal testing.



Around 500,000 animals are used in cruel tests for cosmetic purposes every year.



Just 1 ingredient in a product can result in the deaths of at least 1400 animals.



Studies demonstrate that animal tests predict human reactions by only 40-60% whereas substitutions are accurate 80% of the time. 



Every year countless rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats still suffer and die worldwide in routine animal tests for the ingredients that go into deodorant, lipstick and shampoo.



Cosmetics companies can use ingredients which are already known to be safe. There are almost 20,000 ingredients in the EU’s database for which safety data is available.



Animal tests are increasingly being replaced with quicker, cheaper and more reliable non-animal methods. These modern methods are more relevant to humans and can predict human reactions better than traditional outdated animal tests.



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