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ITU Regional Workshop

An ITU Regional Workshop will take place on April 12 from 15:40 - 17:45, following the conclusion of the conference agenda. 




The workshop aims to discuss the future utilisation of the UHF Band in the Arab region. and to shed light on some case studies from the Arab countries about the situation of the 700HMz band, in addition to provide summary of the decisions of the WTDC and relevant ITU activities in the region. The main objectives are to;


  • Enhance knowledge and understanding on UHF Band
  • Share information and experience among participants
  • Present the outcomes of the WTDC 17 and the related ITY activities
  • Create good relationship and close collaboration to be mutually beneficial to all participating countries. 

 More information can be found on the ITU website here.




In order to facilitate participation form delegates from Arab LDC's and LIC's, in this event, there will be a limited number of partial fellowships to cover the accommodation of one delegate from each Arab LDC's and LIC's for the one day conference and workshop. The interested countries should fill in the Fellowship Request Form (available on the right hand side of the page) and return to ITU no later than 27 March 2018.





To register for the workshop please select the optional item when registering for the conference here


Should you have any queries please contact or



Thursday 12 April, 2018
08.00 to 18.00




Es Saadi Resort

Avenue Quadissia, 4000

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Fellowship Form

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