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About Last Year's Event

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The 4th Annual European Cyber Security Conference attracted over 200 stakeholders and provided a platform for a lively and interactive debate on the future political and technological cyber security challenges that Europe faces.


Malicious attacks and cyber incidents, which are growing in sophistication, threaten the information technology systems that underpin the vast majority of the critical and non-critical infrastructure in Europe.  With the cyber security strategy adopted in 2013, the NIS directive shortly entering its implementation phase, the recent announcement of the contractual Public Private Partnership between the EU and industry, and the Communication on Strengthening Europe's Cyber Resilience System and Fostering and Innovative Cyber security Industry, the goal is to create a secure digital environment where all economic actors and citizens can safely take advantage of the benefits offered by digital in Europe.


The event focused on the following themes:

  • Recent EU Initiatives: Implementation of the NIS Directive and Public-Private Partnership on Research and Innovation in Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security Innovation and Standardisation: To what extent will products and services based on innovations such as blockchain, biometrics and machine-learning, shape and inform the future of cybersecurity, ensure the integrity of the value chain of technology solutions, and ultimately help achieve data-driven security? How compatible are European standardisation activities with initiatives undertaken by NIST, the IETF and other regions of the world?

  • Cyber Security: From the field: What cyber security risks are faced by various industries, how incidents are currently managed, and what is required to face future threats?

  • The challenges of combatting and policing cybercrimes: How are police forces co-operating internationally, strategically and operationally, to combat cybercrime networks? Is intelligence on emerging threats shared effectively? 



Thursday 23 November, 2017
09.00 to 17.00




Thon EU

75 Rue de la Loi
B-1040 Brussels

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