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Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshop 2009 - Moderators Martin Cave & Gerard Pogorel Pre-conference workshop 2009 - delegates Pre Conference workshop 2009 - moderator Gerard Pogorel

Spectrum auction design and bid strategy

Presented & co-ordinated by DotEcon


This interactive workshop offers participants a unique opportunity to participate in a number of different auction formats, and explore the impact of design decisions on bidder behaviour and auction outcomes. 


Throughout the session, the 800MHz band will be used as a case study. Participants will take part in a series of sealed bid and open auctions, including the opportunity to use DotEcon's WebBidder electronic auction system.


Please note: This workshop is optional to all delegates attending the main conference, but with numbers strictly limited and interest expected to be extremely high, we advise you to register soon to avoid disappointment. 


The workshop will be co-ordinated by Dr Dan Maldoom, Partner, and Richard Marsden, Director, DotEcon. DotEcon is the leading advisor to European governments on the design and implementation of spectrum auctions.



12.00pm – 01.00pm Registration and light lunch


SESSION 1: Overview of Auction Formats & Strategy


01.00pm – 01.30pm:   Spectrum packaging, auction formats and their impact on bidder behaviour


01.30pm – 01.50pm:   Case study: The 800MHz band


SESSION 2: Practical Session – Participate in a mock auction

Participants will be split into teams of 2-3 people, and take part in a number of different auction formats for the same spectrum:  

a. A first price sealed bid auction, with bids on separate lots
b. A sealed bid combinatorial auction
c. A clock auction
d. A simultaneous multiple-round auction (SMRA)


01.50pm – 02.10pm:   Introduction to the mock auctions - a chance to bid for 800MHz spectrum using different auction formats


02.10pm – 02.15pm:   Distribution of instructions to bid teams


02.15pm – 02.45pm: Coffee & Networking Break – an opportunity for teams to discuss bid strategy!


02.45pm – 02.50pm:   Submission of sealed bids by each team


02.50pm – 04.45pm:   SMRA and clock auctions using WebBidder


04.45pm – 05.20pm:   Analysis of the auction formats and efficient outcomes


05.20pm – 06.00pm:   Presentation and interactive discussion of auction outcomes, and prizes for team with best bid strategy




Tue 22 June, 2010 09.00 to
Thu 24 June, 2010 17.30




Management Centre Europe

rue de l'Aqueduc 118
1050 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)2 543 21 00

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The 5th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference 2010