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Pre-conference Workshops (13 October)

Please find below the agenda for the Pre-conference Workshops.


The DME workshop was hosted by the International DME Association





For further information, please contact Rhian Morgan on or on +44 (0) 29290 783 026.


Tuesday 13 October, 2015




12:00 – 13:30

Registration & Luncheon


13:30 – 15:40

Pre-conference Workshops

Delegates have the choice to attend one of the following two parallel workshops: 



Workshop 1: DME Workshop - Part I

Hosted by the International DME Association

An opportunity to learn the basics of global DME production, applications, and developments, and to gain a fundamental understanding of DME and its relevance in Europe’s dynamic alternative fuel landscape.  Two briefings will cover the opportunities DME presents in a variety of areas: economic and environmental drivers; the monetization of natural gas, biomass, and coal; diesel fleet applications; power generation; and blending with LPG.


DME Fundamentals Briefing

Ingvar Landälv, Senior Project Leader, Energy Engineering, Luleå University of Technology


An intensive 70 minute short course providing essential background, technical and commercial information related to DME production, infrastructure, and applications.  The briefing is ideal for those with little or no industry experience; for European Commission executives and staff with an interest in alternative, renewable and low-carbon fuels and advanced vehicle technologies; for companies recently entering the market, planning to do so, or just considering the options; vehicle fleet owners and operators; resource owners; consultants and advisors assisting their clients to make a well-informed decision regarding the opportunities; and analysts and researchers interested in covering practical developments in the industry.


LPG Synergies Briefing

François Bollon, Director, FRMB Consulting

A look at the relationship, mutual interests, and synergies between LPG and DME and the industries that support them.  The briefing will cover the opportunities being explored around how established distribution networks, relevant expertise, and existing, scalable infrastructure easily modified for DME service could be leveraged to rapidly develop DME distribution in important markets.





Workshop 2: CO2/Power to Methanol

European industry faces several challenges in the coming decades such as:

- How to drastically reduce CO2 emissions? 
- How to store renewable power during peak supply?

This workshop provides delegates with the opportunity to meet industry experts, who will share their 'hands on’ experience about the synergies between CO2 utilisation and energy storage in the form of methanol. In addition, delegates have the chance to hear their views on technology, economics and the policy measures affecting the industry.


Moderator: Eelco Dekker, Chief Representative Europe, Methanol Institute

Speakers include:

The Methanol Economy
Dr. G.K Surya Prakash, Director, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute and Department of Chemistry, 
University of Southern California


CDU in Europe

Youseff Travaly, Project Coordinator, SCOT


CO2-to-Methanol in Iceland
Benedikt Stefansson, Director of Business Development, Carbon Recycling International (CRI)


Industrial Methanol Catalysts - Today and Tomorrow

Dr. Uwe Flessner, Director Methanol & Hydrogen, Clariant


Power to Methanol in German and European Context
Christian Schweitzer, Managing Director, bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH


David Banitt, CEO, NewCO2fuels Ltd. (NCF)


CO2 utilisation for Fuel and Chemical Production

John Bøgild Hansen, Senior Advisor, Haldor Topsøe A/S



15:40 – 16:00

Afternoon Coffee Break 


16:00 – 18:00

Pre-conference Workshops

Delegates have the choice to attend one of the following two parallel workshops: 



Workshop 1: DME Workshop - Part II

Hosted by the International DME Association


A series of presentations featuring senior representatives from a number of those companies most active in the introduction of DME as a fuel providing updates on projects and initiatives underway in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, and outlining their perspectives on the practical opportunities related to DME use in transportation, power, and other fuel applications.


Ambassador Ulrik Federspiel, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer,

Haldor Topsøe


Distributed Small-Scale DME Production

Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux, President, Oberon Fuels


Natural Gas Monetisation in Europe via DME

Eyal Erlich, CEO, DME - Fuel of the Future Ltd.



Rafi Sela, CEO, AR Challenges, Ltd.


DME Experience in HDV

Jan Arnell, Manager DME, Volvo Group Trucks Technology



Workshop 2: Methanol Marine Fuel

With the introduction of Emission Control Areas in parts of Europe and the US, shipowners are looking for the best balance between technology, total cost of ownership and emission reduction.

This workshop takes an in-depth look at the use of methanol as a clean burning, alternative marine fuel.


Moderator: Michel Hamrouni, Manager Market Development & Regulatory Affairs, Methanex

Speakers include:


Methanol as an Alternative Marine Fuel

Prof. Karin Andersson, Maritime Environment and Energy Systems, Department of Shipping and Marine Technology Chalmers University of Technology


Stena Teknik: Strategic View

Per Stefenson, MSc Naval Architect, Marine Standards Advisor, Stena Teknik 


Views from a Classification Company

Kim Tanneberger, Lead Specialist, Strategic Research and Technology Policy Group, Lloyds Register

Engine Development
Toni Stojcevski, Project Manager, Methanol Adaption Project, Wärtsilä

LeanShips Project

Prof. Sebastian Verhelst, Associate Professor of Internal Combustion Engines, Ghent University

Previous R & D
Bengt Ramne, Founder, Managing Director, ScandiNAOS AB







Tue 13 October, 2015 08.30 to
Wed 14 October, 2015 17.00




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