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About the 2014 Conference

Commissioner Jourová Kelly Welsh, General Counsel United States Department of Commerce Jan Albrecht, MEP The conference gathered 350+ delegates

Bringing together over 300 delegates, the 5th Annual European Data Protection & Privacy Conference took place on the 9th December 2014 in Brussels.



The European Regulation on Data Protection reached a milestone in March 2014, with the European Parliament agreeing its version of the text. The challenge remained for the European Council, who were operating under the principle that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”, the European Commission and the European Parliament, to finalise a text.


The event discussed:

  • What sticking points remained to complete the tripartite negotiations between the Parliament, Council and Commission?
  • While the legislation is unlikely to come into force before 2017, is European and international business clear on what their obligations will be, and how will the new rules impact on digital trade?
  • What does the 2014 ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU regarding the right to be forgotten mean for the evolving understanding of data privacy and security?
  • How can the EU and national Data Protection Authorities work to ensure that, in practice, the balance between freedom of expression, privacy and economic growth will be ensured?
  • What steps can international actors take to create a global privacy framework? How would this help to maximise cross-border digital trade?


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Thursday 10 December, 2015
08.30 to 18.30




The Management Centre Europe

Rue de l'Aqueduc 118
1050 Ixelles
Brussels, Belgium

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