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Pan-European White Paper

Over the course of 2014, the ESG met regularly to exchange ideas, debate the challenges and study scalable actions in order to identify tangible solutions to improve healthcare systems. The results of their work have been compiled in a pan-European White Paper and Call to Action document which intend to contribute to the ongoing discussions on sustainable healthcare. The analysis and recommendations are informed by inputs and engagement with a range of stakeholders and experts. In particular, these two  documents were influenced by a number of successful initiatives from across Europe and further afield, projects which offer the potential for mainstreaming or scaling up in order to transform our healthcare systems.


The global findings are the following:

. Smart health expenditure can be an investment rather than a cost: investment in prevention and early intervention is essential for healthcare sustainability and socioeconomic development and stability

. Empowered and responsible citizens are the main players contributing to healthcare sustainability

. Integrated care based on patient pathways, and care delivery shifted from hospitals so communities and homes foster greater efficiencies and better health outcomes


The pan-European White paper was unveiled during the conference. Please click here to download the full version and here to get the recommendation from the ESG and the Call to Action.



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