Breakout Session 6 'Knowledge Transfer'




Peter Churchill, Advisor on Scientific Development to the Director General , Joint Research Centre (JRC)





Noemi Rozlosnik, Associate Professor, Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Technical University of Denmark








Franco Bonollo, Professor of Metallurgy, Department of Engineering and Management, Padova University








Dr. Norbert Fabricius, Standardization for Nanotechnologies, Helmholtz Association







“Making my research known to the world”

Putting science into standards enables an effective dissemination and pushes the state of the art so that researchers can build upon shared  experiences. Moreover, the existing stock of standards should be considered when starting research projects in order to avoid duplication of effort. Being active in standardization committees grants you access to a network of various experts and gives you means to share ‘tacit’ knowledge.

This breakout session will illustrate through case studies, the significance of standardization as a means to transfer knowledge and will explore the current barriers (process, motivation, recognition etc).

We will engage the audience in brainstorming ideas and solutions on how to address these barriers.

Session aimed at: researchers which want to codify their knowledge, researchers who want to find relevant information from standards.



Thu 30 October, 2014 08.30 to
Wed 30 October, 2019 17.15




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