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Details of Inaugural Conference

Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Sub Sahara Spectrum Management

The inaugural conference brought together for the first time 200 high level speakers and delegates from the major stakeholders of the Sub Sahara and global spectrum communities for an interactive discussion on the key issues surrounding spectrum management policy in the region. Please click here for the website. 


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Strategically timed to take place a few weeks before the vital CPM-15-2 meeting  and during a period in which countries across the region are finalising many band plan decisions, The Inaugural Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference brought together leading experts to look at all the key spectrum management issues for the region. It examined current strategies and priorities, and analysed the technological and regulatory options that are available to regulators and industry in order to maximise the potential that this key natural resource brings, and to fully release the huge potential that it offers in delivering economic growth to the region.


Sessions at the conference focussed on:

  • WRC-15: Key positions, priorities and agenda items ahead of the conference preparatory meeting
  • Meeting the deadline for Analogue Switchoff
  • Designing the Digital Dividend
  • Connecting Africa - Working together to tackle the digital divide
  • Best practice in spectrum awards for an open and competitive market
  • Spectrum requirements across the Sub-Sahara region – where do the long term and short term priorities lie?