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Sharing Knowledge and Access to Intellectual Property in the Internet Age


Over two sessions, discussants will debate a number of key issues in the field of copyright and IP. The aim is to take stock of progress made and to produce a number of recommendations for the new European Commission due next year.


Key questions will include:


- Is the EU copyright and IP acquis, plus that proposed, sufficient and appropriate?

- Will the CRM Directive deliver?

- What progress is being made with the Licensing for Europe dialogue and what issues are the discussions highlighting?

- How is the EU interacting with international bodies and countries?

- What new business models are emerging?

- What recommendations might be made for the new Commission and Parliament?




09:00 – 09:30:  Registration


09:30 – 09:40:  Welcome

Helge Skaara, Deputy Secretary General, EFTA


09:40 - 09:50    Welcome

Olav Stokkmo, CEO, IFRRO


09:50 – 10:00:  Keynote Speeches

Kerstin Jorna, Director, Intellectual Property Unit, European Commission


10:00 – 10:20:  Opening Statements

Olav Stokkmo, CEO, IFRRO

Christian Engstrom, Member, European Parliament


Discussion Sessions

The discussion sessions will consist of invited guests and registering delegates. 


Both discussion sessions moderated by:

Kevin Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Copyright Licensing Agency


10:20 – 11:20:  Discussion Session 1: Where are we and what progress have we made?


11:20 – 11:40:  Networking break


11:40 – 12:40:  Discussion Session 2: The next 5 years - Where should EU policy focus and how can industry help?


12:40 - 13:30  Closing of conference and networking lunch


To discuss the programme please call Kimberley Warner on +44 (0) 2920 783 026 or email



Wednesday 16 October, 2013
09.00 to 13.30




EFTA Building

Rue Joseph II 12-16
B-1000 Brussels

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