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Policies & Practices in a nutshell

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In the current context of societal and economic changes within the EU, it is imperative that all the stakeholders join forces to meet our current-day challenges and to firmly turn these challenges into opportunities. Policies & Practices would like to bring all the actors (experts from international organisations, national institutions, think tanks, research centres, but also HR professionals and corporate representatives) together to discuss some of the issues that will have an influence on the future of European society.


Policies & Practices hereby extends an invitation to all stakeholders to take part in a debate, not only on the changes and challenges our society is facing but also on the opportunities that will present themselves and to share their point of view on how they believe the needs of our society can best be met.


The objective is to identify political, economic and societal trends in Europe, to define present-day and imminent societal needs and to offer realistic and pragmatic answers to the challenges ahead. 



Policies & Practices is a series of lively exchanges between speakers and the audience on European societal needs.



Chaired by Nicolas Vincent, Editorial Co-ordinator and Moderator, who will be moderating the exchanges, two speakers, one from the institutional or political scene and one from the research and technical field, will share their views and initiatives on specific issues in relation to the following three main topics:


  • Job opportunities in 2020
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources (HR): policy complementarities within companies
  • The development of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in aid of the common good


Three sessions each will be dedicated to these issues. As these specific sessions will be hosted annually, it will be possible to consider these topics in light of a medium-term vision, to study new trends from one session to the next and to guarantee a regular follow-up.


We look forward to hearing your ideas and points of view during this 1h30 session!


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Tuesday 28 November, 2023





Policies & Practices