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Investing in social infrastructure in Europe: what role can PPPs play? - 26/06/18, Brussels


Boosting sustainable consumption and behaviour: the eco-chèque, a Belgian practice involving employers into public policy - 24/04/18, Brussels


Gender equality: still an issue for women at work? - 23/11/17, Brussels


Motivation and retention of employees: a new “old” challenge for companies? - 01/12/16, Brussels


Policies & Practices on the Youth Guarantee scheme - 03/06/16, Brussels


PPPs to ensure food security and agricultural development - 22/10/15, Brussels


Promoting local development through smart subsidies’ solutions addressing poverty and strengthening social inclusion - 12/10/15, Brussels


Facts and figures in health promotion at the workplace – special focus on nutrition - 02/07/15, Brussels


How to tackle efficiently undeclared work? Prevention versus punishment - 21/04/15, Brussels


Innovation: a way to fight against dependency at local level? - 28/01/15 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


The role of companies in stress management and work-life balance of their employees - 21/10/14 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


Decent Work: access and quality of long-term care - 19/03/14 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


Transparency in Development Policies - 06/11/13 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


Promoting a balanced diet in the workplace - 26/06/13 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


Conference Policies and Practices: Job opportunities within the formal economy - 28/03/13 - Brussels


Public private partnerships to develop social policies - 29/01/13 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels



Tuesday 6 December, 2022
09.30 to 11.00




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