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Pre-Conference Workshop: Licence Valuations and Auction Dynamics in the 4G Era

Delegates participating at the workshop Workshop Co-ordinated by Lemay-Yates Associates Delegates discussing at the workshop

All delegates attending the main conference had the option to also participate at this interactive workshop, which was co-ordinated by Lemay Yates Associates.


The intensive half-day event focused on the dynamics of 4G spectrum and on providing answers to the following key questions:


1.How much additional spectrum does a carrier need to fulfill its business objectives and the evolving needs of consumers?

2.How can elements of auction design best be taken into account as part of a spectrum valuation exercise?

3.How do spectrum values compare in recent licensing processes and how can the tradeoffs between spectrum licenses in different bands be assessed (focusing on bands below and above 1 GHz)?


The workshop was conducted in an interactive round-table format to facilitate blending of participants’ experiences as bidders or regulators with LYA’s extensive dataset and practical experience bidding in spectrum auctions.


The workshop leaders were Mr. Robert K. Yates and Ms. Johanne Lemay. 


Workshop Agenda


13h15 - 13h45  Coffee and registration


13h45 - 14h30Session 1: Introduction and discussion of approaches to assess needs for additional spectrum for individual carriers

A discussion of linkages between service quality objectives, subscriber metrics and customer segmentation and network deployment and spectrum needs. Discussion of the impacts of technology choice (LTE, TDD/FDD), cell splitting and WiFi. Discussion of quantitative examples translating customer mobile broadband demand into MHz needs.


14h30 - 15h00Session 2: Impacts of auction design on values and implications for successful bidding strategies 

Comparative overview of different auction designs (sealed bid, SMRA, CCA) – what differences are seen in each and how can this impact how much you pay? 


A discussion of reserve prices, the role of spectrum caps or set-asides – what are the pro’s and con’s of these and their impact on prices paid during auctions? What are the implications when preparing for successful bidding?


15h00 - 15h30 Coffee Break


15h30 - 16h45 Session 3: Comparing values seen in 4G-era licensing processes

An overview of the results of licensing processes comparing different countries & regions, and a comparison of spectrum values in different bands: digital dividend, 2.6 GHz, 1800 MHz, Advanced Wireless Services (AWS), other 2G/3G. A discussion of underlying drivers from market structure to auction design, and of the impacts of policy objectives and license conditions on valuation. 


How can trade-offs between spectrum in different spectrum bands (for example, below and above 1 GHz) be assessed when preparing for a multi band spectrum auction?


16h45 - 17h00 Wrap-up & end of workshop



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Mon 18 June, 2012 13.15 to
Wed 20 June, 2012 17.30




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