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Exhibition Opportunities

Who can participate?


Any company that has products or provides services which can illustrate the potential of cycling and the use of electric PTWs in making transport more sustainable. With this event, ETRA wants to inform the European decision-makers and the general publics on the wide variety of light electric products to facilitate urban transport and on their benefits in the field of environment, transport, public health, etc.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for participation in the demonstration event are as follows:

• To put your bicycle products, urban bicycles, electric bicycles, electric PTWs or other sustainable mobility products on show on the esplanade and allow the public to test ride the vehicles
• To bring along or hire at least 1 pop-up tent to show your products. The advertisement of brand names on the tent and use of banners and flags is allowed as well as distribution of your brochures and other publicity material.
• The tent needs to be staffed with at least one person from your company who can inform visitors on the functioning, the technical aspects, the "social benefits", ... of your products and who is also responsible for the proper functioning of your test-vehicles.
• To have a few vehicles available for guided tours of the Brussels European quarter organised by ETRA in the framework of this event.
• The contribution to the organisation of this event is € 500 (+ VAT) for ETRA associated members. The contribution for companies that are not ETRA associated member is € 1,000 (+VAT) per company. Prices for hiring exhibition equipment (tent, table, chairs, ...) on demand. For ETRA associated membership conditions, see

You are free to distribute little sustainable gadgets to visitors or to provide sustainable gadgets for inclusion in the goodie bags that will be handed out to the visitors.

You can download the registration form here.

Organisations and projects

Any organisation and/or project aimed at promoting the use of 2Wheels as a sustainable form mobility or promoting sustainable mobility in general.

Terms and conditions:

• At least 1 pop-up tent of 3X3 m to present your organisation/project + publication organisation/project name on the tent.
• If you do not bring your own tent, you can hire material through the Smart2Wheels organisation: the fixed fee for shelter + 1 table (1.20 X 80) + table cloth + 2 chairs is € 150 (ex. 21% VAT). Any additional material upon request.
• The tent needs to be staffed with at least one person from your organisation who can inform visitors on your activities and projects.

You can download the registration form here.




Thursday 22 September, 2011
09.00 to 20.00




Smart2Wheels Exhibition
9.00am to 2:00pm
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
City of Brussels 1047

Smart2Wheels Conference
2.30pm to 8.00pm
Netherlands Embassy
Kortenberglaan 4-10
1040 Brussels

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