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Cycling Exhibition


The interactive  2Wheel exhibition on the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament in Brussels was open to the public. It featured many of the leading 2Wheel manufacturers. The exhibition was an opportunity for members of the public, policy-makers and other interested parties, to gain an insight into current and future developments in cycling and other two-wheeler technologies. Visitors had ample opportunity to test-ride the vehicles on display.

The exhibition was also a platform for organisations and projects that are about making transport more sustainable. Among the many organisations and projects presented at this year’s exhibition were: Presto, Gopedelec, Dahon, Trikke, Urban Arrow, ELTIS, FEMA, FIM...

You will see below some highlights from last year...




Thursday 22 September, 2011
09.00 to 20.00




Smart2Wheels Exhibition
9.00am to 2:00pm
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
City of Brussels 1047

Smart2Wheels Conference
2.30pm to 8.00pm
Netherlands Embassy
Kortenberglaan 4-10
1040 Brussels

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