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The Impact of Additional Mid-Band Spectrum on the Carbon Footprint of 5G Mobile Networks: The Case of the Upper 6GHz Band webinar took place in a fully virtual format, on Monday, 10th July at 10:00 CEST


Analysys Mason recently published a report that considers the environmental impact of further mid-band spectrum assignment for mobile use.


Various studies on the implications of using additional mid-band spectrum to meet future wireless demand have been prepared, exploring: – infrastructure deployment – financial viability – coverage and quality of service. Despite the global movement to reduce carbon emissions, the scale of the impact of additional midband spectrum on the industry’s carbon footprint has not yet been assessed.


This study focused on the carbon emissions of a 5G mobile network in addressing future connectivity targets by 2030 through the availability of additional, compared to the network meeting the same future connectivity targets without additional spectrum. The analysis focuses on the mid-band spectrum, which is widely used for 5G today, due to its ability to deliver both capacity and coverage. While the conclusions have relevance for mid-bands in general, some of the analysis and assumptions focus on the upper 6GHz band (6425–7125 MHz) which has attracted interest as a candidate band for 5G evolution.


The study also considered whether there would be an impact on the carbon footprint of Wi-Fi if the upper 6GHz band were used for wireless local area networks (WLANs) in addition to the existing frequency bands available for Wi-Fi in Europe.


During this interactive webinar, the authors of the report described the assumptions, the methodology and the key findings.


During the presentation, webinar attendees were able to ask questions, which were addressed during the final part of the session.


You can view the full agenda and key speakers here, whilst the report referenced above is available here.


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Monday 10 July, 2023



Online Event





Analysys Mason