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Thursday 11 May, 2017


08:30 – 09:00

Registration, Breakfast and Networking

09:00 – 10:25

Morning Keynote Presentations

Moderator: Stijn Hoorens, Associate Director, Head of Brussels Office, RAND Europe

09:00 – 09:20

Keynote Presentation: View from the European Commission

Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport, European Commission

09:20 – 09:35

Keynote Presentation: View from the Tech Industry

Nigel Upton, Senior Worldwide Director, IoT and Global Connectivity Platform, HPE

09:35 – 09:50

Keynote Presentation: When cars go driverless, connectivity, software and services will take over the driver’s seat

Marc Jadoul, Market Development Director, Nokia

09:50 – 10:05

Keynote Presentation: View from the car industry

Christian Rousseau, Director and Expert Lead, Mobility & Transport, Renault Groupe

10:05 – 10:25

Morning Networking and Refreshments Break

10:25 – 12:25

Lightning Rounds - Key policy considerations for building the Connected Car ecosystem in Europe

Over the last 12 months, plans for the connected cars space in Europe have started to take shape, including the European Commission’s recent communication about detailed priorities for C-ITS, as well as the Commission’s Data Economy communication released in early January. However, there remain key questions concerning the overall regulatory landscape in Europe, and specifically, around issues such as privacy, security, spectrum and standardisation, and how this directly impacts businesses and consumers. This session will be split into 3 quick fire lightening rounds. Each element will focus on one of the above policy areas by bringing a range of stakeholders from the policy and business communities to discuss the best approaches for Europe going forward.

Moderator: Nigel Cameron, President & CEO, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies

10:25 – 11:05

Lightning Round 1 – Spectrum and connectivity requirements for Connected Cars

- What spectrum and connectivity solutions are available for connected cars?
- Aside from the 30MHz of dedicated spectrum for intelligent transport systems in Europe, how helpful would additional dedicated spectrum be for the future development of connected cars?
- What issues does limited 3G & 4G coverage pose for advancements in the connected car industry? What impact will 5G have on vehicles of the future?
- Who will pay for the rollout of Connected Car Networks and how will this be determined?
- To what extent is the fragmentation of services a challenge for the automotive industry?

Bernard Barani, Acting Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission
Abayomi Otbushin, Corporate and Governmental Affairs, BMW Group
Egon Schulz, Director of Wireless Innovation Center, Huawei

11:05 – 11:45

Lightning Round 2 – Ensuring trust and confidence

- How best can policymakers and industry ensure consumer trust and confidence in connected car technologies?
- What work is currently being done by policymakers to satisfy consumer demands around issues such as gathering of data generated by connected cars and data ownership? How is the car industry responding to this?
- What are the main privacy and data security risks associated with connected cars? What concerns do consumers have and what is being done at different levels to help address these?
- What specific actions need to be taken in the near future?
- How do the efforts of the Data Economy communication interplay with the data protection rules and the GDPR in the context of connected vehicles?
- How is the car industry responding to concerns about consumer privacy and the identity of service providers? Has the proprietary software that has been created proved successful? Has this led to a fragmentation within the industry, and if so, is it sustainable as we move forward to fully autonomous vehicles?

Antony Lagrange, Legislative Officer, Automotive and Mobility Industries, DG Grow, European Commission
Joost Vantomme, Smart Mobility Director, ACEA
Monika Kuschewsky, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs

11:45 – 12:25

Lightning Round 3 – Data exchange

- What are the benefits of sharing data generated by connected cars between different stakeholders?
- Should there be proper economic analysis on the benefits of exchanging data before any regulatory decisions are made?
- How should third-party services access data generated by connected cars in order to ensure their own market-driven needs, consumer privacy and data security?

Gilles Carabin, Policy Officer, Intelligent Transport Systems, DG MOVE, European Commission
Laurianne Krid, Interim Director General, FIA
Alessandro Coda, Chief Technical Officer, CLEPA

12:25 – 12:55

Conclusions from the 3 Lightning Rounds

Eric Gaudillat, Programme Officer, Future Connectivity Systems, DG CONNECT, European Commission
Antony Lagrange, Legislative Officer, Automotive and Mobility Industries, DG Grow, European Commission
Gilles Carabin, Policy Officer, Intelligent Transport Systems, DG MOVE, European Commission

12:55 – 13:55

Networking lunch and exhibition


13:55 – 15:10

Tech Talks – what exciting technologies and innovations can we expect in 2017?

Each Tech Talk will run for 15 mins and will then be followed by 10 mins Q&A with Paul Adamson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, E!Sharp; and Chairman, Forum Europe.

Moderator: Paul Adamson, Founder & Editor. Chairman, E!Sharp and Forum Europe

13:55 – 14:20

Tech Talk – building the customer experience - How Alexa is changing everything

Timm Kellermann, Managing Director, Consulting4Drive

14:20 – 14:45

Tech Talk – Title to be confirmed

Christopher Burghardt, Head of Policy & Communications EMEA, Uber

14:45 – 15:10

Tech Talk - It's satellite Jim, but not as we know it

Andrew Faiola, Global Network and Services Policy, ESOA

15:10 – 15:30

Afternoon refreshment break

15:30 – 17:00

Disruptive business models and future trends of the connected and autonomous car industry in Europe

Increased connectivity in cars provides a range of new commercial opportunities for all industry stakeholders involved. OEMs, mobile operators and a host of other industry stakeholders are making moves in this exciting new space and new trends are emerging as a result. There are however, a number of important issues that need to be addressed, both at industry and policy level, in order that new business models can emerge.
- How are policymakers helping to create an environment where innovation is able
to flourish?
- What opportunities are created by car connectivity and what impact is this having on the automotive industry?
- What new business models are emerging as a direct result of this innovation?
- Specifically, what are the tangible impacts of this technology on the Usage-based insurance and the wider insurance industry?
- As we move closer to a world full of fully autonomous vehicles, how can car manufacturers, mobile operators and other stakeholders work together to drive new business opportunities?
- What are the challenges for enabling technologies and services?
- How will regulation impact the roll out of autonomous cars in Europe?

Speakers to be announced here shortly

Moderator: Maxime Flament, Head of Department: Connected & Automated Mobility & Project Manager, Ertico-ITS & European Automotive- Telecom Alliance

Marta Capelo, Director of Public Policy, ETNO
Neil Pattemore, Technical Director, FIGIEFA & EGEA
Antony Lagrange, Legislative Officer, Automotive and Mobility Industries, DG Grow, European Commission
Jacques Amselem, Head of IoT, Allianz

17:00 – 17:10

Closing Remarks

Nigel Cameron, President & CEO, Centre for Policy on Emerging Technologies

17:10 – 17:10

End of Conference



Thursday 11 May, 2017
09.30 to 17.30




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