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Based in Cardiff and with offices in Brussels at the heart of the European Union, Forum Europe specialises in EU focused political and economic conferences and events. These events are organised with clients and partners and aim to progress ideas and actions on important issues, all within a balanced and neutral setting.


Founded by Giles Merritt, columnist for the International Herald Tribune and former Brussels correspondent at the Financial Times and headed by a team of EU events specialists with over 19 years of experience, Forum Europe’s strategic services can maintain and develop your networks at EU level, and also deliver forums where key issues can be aired and debated.


Forum Europe works successfully with businesses, institutions and governments alike and its expertise, through the medium of events, lies in understanding and interpreting the processes and political issues within the EU.


Knowledge Partner




WIK is one of Europe’s leading research and consultancy organisations in the field of telecommunications and ICT. Its work focuses on regulatory and policy issues of the electronic communications sector and other network industries. The work of WIK contributes to market analysis and regulatory decision making on behalf of national regulatory authorities, the European Commission, and market players.

WIK has its roots as the internal “think tank” for the German Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. It became an independent corporate entity as part of the process of privatisation of telecommunications and post.

WIK’s work has a worldwide footprint with a strong emphasis on Europe. In addition to research and consultancy, WIK provides an international forum of excellence for sector structure and sector policy by means of conferences, workshops, training, and publications.





Tuesday 12 April, 2011
08.30 to 18.00




Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Rue du Fossé-aux-Loups 47/
Wolvengracht 47,
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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