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Forum Europe

Based in Cardiff and with offices in Brussels at the heart of the European Union, Forum Europe specialises in EU focussed political and economic conferences and events. These events are organised with clients and partners and aim to progress ideas and actions on important issues, all within a balanced and neutral setting.

Founded by Giles Merritt, columnist for the International Herald Tribune and former Brussels correspondent at the Financial Times and headed by a team of EU events specialists with over 19 years of experience, Forum Europe’s strategic services can maintain and develop your networks at EU level, and also deliver forums where key issues can be aired and debated.

Forum Europe works successfully with businesses, institutions and governments alike and its expertise, through the medium of events, lies in understanding and interpreting the processes and political issues within the EU.

Knowledge Partner



EAS specialises in international regulation on food and nutritional products. We give companies strategic regulatory advice for the successful approval of their products on the European market. With experts ranging from lawyers and political scientists to biologists, bioengineers and nutritionists, we recognise the needs of both the food sector and government to have access to experts from a range of professions. For over 17 years EAS has supported companies in designing and successfully delivering nutritional products to the global market, and we have helped governments in analysing regulatory trends and the impact assessment of new measures.

Supporting Partner



The Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA) represents the interests of the food and drink industry at the European level and its mission is to help pro-actively develop an environment (enlarged EU and global markets) in which all F&D companies, whatever their size, can compete effectively for sustainable growth, meet the needs of consumers and play their part in delivering the targets set by the Lisbon declaration of the European Council. The EU food and drink industry is an important pillar of the European economy, serving almost 500 million consumers with a wide variety of safe and high quality products. It is the largest manufacturing sector in Europe, with a turnover of € 913 billion a year, and provides employment to over 4 million people.

Media Partners


Euractiv is the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs, which is firmly established as the favourite online platform for Brussels and national professionals in EU policies. It brings together journalistic independence with transparency and practical efficiency, complementing the existing EU media and institutional websites. Thanks to its network of national offices, EurActiv produces content in English, French, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish language.

Europe’s World

Europe’s World

Europe’s World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 130-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions. Since its launch in 2005 it has become the premier ideas platform for new thinking on political, economic and social issues, read by over 100,000 of the most influential decision makers and opinion formers across Europe. Published every 4 months, Europe’s World’s purpose is to stimulate the much needed debate over topical policy issues by encouraging citizens and stakeholders within civil society, media, academia, business and government, to engage in a series of informed political debates which reach beyond the “Brussels village.” To date over 600 authors, including Heads of State, corporate chiefs, top academics, leading NGO activists or policymakers, have contributed articles, firmly cementing Europe’s World’s reputation as a platform for new thinking and ground-breaking ideas. Europe’s World’s newly extended website,, is designed to further promote debate on the policy challenges facing Europe. It spans articles and reactions to articles published in Europe’s World, but is not limited to the journal since it also features studies and reports from think tanks throughout Europe. Its aim is to give readers direct access to the latest in policy thinking across the EU, and encourage visitors to submit their own reports and comment on any of the contributions featured on the website. 



EFFL - European Food and Feed Law Review

EFFL - European Food and Feed Law Review

The European Food and Feed Law Review offers an intellectual forum for jurisprudence led by experts in the field of food and feed law. It is the purpose of EFFL to deal in a comparative and problem-oriented way with the effective implementation of European food and feed law in the 27 member states.
Editors from different European countries, international organisations and institutions provide a comprehensive approach on recent developments in food and feed law. The magazine comprises specialist essays from science and everyday practice as well as information on national and European legislation and court decisions. Country correspondents report how European food and feed regulations are interpreted and applied in the individual member states. A news section announces upcoming conferences and other important events.


The Choices Programme

The Choices Programme

The Choices Programme is an international voluntary industry initiative designed to drive product innovation and help consumers make healthy choices through a single front-of-pack stamp. It is based on product criteria developed by an independent International Scientific Committee and is open to food manufacturers, retailers and caterers.



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