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European Digital Media Association



EDiMA, the European Digital Media Association, is an alliance of new media companies whose members provide new media platforms offering European consumers a wide range of online services, including e-content, media, E-commerce, communications and information/search services. EDiMA represents the interests of the new media sector in Europe in policymaking.

As the representative of the new media sector, EDiMA supports policy initiatives that are pro-consumer and promote innovation and growth in the new media sector.

The interests of all players in the value chain should be considered when formulating policy for the new media sector. This will ensure that everyone benefits from the cultural and economic opportunities that the new media sector offers and that new media continues to act as a driver for cultural diversity.

Pan-European E-commerce for physical and digital goods and services has the potential to be a key driver for greater consumer choice and enhanced competitiveness. EDiMA advocates policies to ensure barriers to pan-European E-commerce are addressed and consumers can benefit from cross-border commerce.


Forum Europe

Forum Europe

Forum Europe

At Forum Europe, we've been staging leading European political events for over 20 years. Our in-depth knowledge of the Brussels and EU market makes us the number one choice for companies and organisations staging political and policy events in Europe and beyond.


With offices in the heart of Europe, at La Bibliotheque Solvay in Brussels, our multilingual and dynamic team delivers excellent networking opportunities and high quality content, feeding directly into the policy formulation process. Our operations are divided into two distinct but complementary services:


- Conference Production

- Event Management


We work with a range of clients with varying interests, from large multinational corporations to NGOs and charities – and everything in between. We know that the success of every event depends on forming a strong, close working relationship with our partner or client.




Tuesday 15 May, 2012
11.45 to 15.00




European Parliament

Rue Wiertz 60
B- 1047, Brussels

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