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The retail sector is undergoing major transformation. Driven primarily by technology and the internet, consumer behaviour, choice and preferences are evolving. How retailers respond to these fundamental shifts will be key to the future success of the sector. While technology and digitalisation poses many challenges, they also have the power to be a force for good for retailers, enabling shopping to continue to be a vibrant and exciting experience for consumers, both in store and online. While meeting the challenge of the digital transformation positively, retailers continue to have a responsibility to the sustainability and supply chain agendas, where much of the relationship and trust is built with consumers and where the retail sector can have a tangible positive social impact.


On the 30th November, the European retail industry will gather in Brussels for the inaugural European Retail Day. The purpose of the conference is to give further impetus and drive to the development of Europe’s single market project, to look at how the retail sector could contribute to it and to analyse future steps and innovation needs to ensure the growth and global competitiveness of the sector.



Thursday 30 November, 2017
09.00 to 18.00







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